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Two Neighbours Are Engaged In An Epic Game Of Election Sign One-Upmanship

Oh, you got a double-sided sign? I've got floodlights.

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Allan and Stephanie Robertson have been neighbours with Malcolm Norton in Halifax, Nova Scotia for 20 years. They're friendly. But they disagree on who should win the election, and it's resulted in an epic game of election sign one-upmanship.

As soon as the writ dropped, Norton called the office of Liberal candidate Andy Fillmore (pictured) and asked for a sign. They brought him one, but it was too small.

"I told them go away and come back and bring me a bigger sign," Norton told BuzzFeed Canada.

They came back with a big one. Somebody stole it and it had to be replaced, but Norton was happy with his big Liberal sign.

Then, in the middle of September, the Robertsons came home from their cottage. They saw Norton's sign. "So we thought, 'OK we’ll put a sign up, too'," said Stephanie Robertson. They got an NDP sign for Megan Leslie.

Allan Robertson

The first sign was stolen. So they ordered another — and made sure it was double-sided.

"Malcolm's sign was nice, but it was just one sided," she said.

Game on.

Norton took note of the new, double-sided NDP sign on the lawn a few doors down.

"Our friend Malcolm decided his should be double sided," Robertson said. "He also put a spotlight up."

Things were getting competitive.

"I just felt like putting a spotlight on mine," Norton said. "A lot of people drive through our street to other areas, so I wanted them to see it at night."


Things were at a stalemate until the Robertsons added a final flourish: two Canadian flags.

Allan Robertson

"The flags may be passing over a bit into tackiness, but there you go," Robertson said.

Her husband offered his analysis of the competing signs.

"His picture of the Liberal candidate is more grand than ours (well-lit, etc.) but ours is more down-to-earth and, in fact, lower to the ground – possibly appropriate regarding its political orientation," he said.


Norton has seen the flags, but he's not going to up the ante. "They’re waiting for me to make the next move, but really I think that’s it," he said.

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