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The Conservatives Promised A "Barbaric Cultural Practices" Tip Line And People Reported The Conservatives

They filed their reports to #BarbaricCulturalPractices.

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Today Conservative candidates Chris Alexander and Dr. Kellie Leitch announced a new slate of promises focused on what the party deems "barbaric cultural practices" overseas and in Canada.

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The package of commitments included funding to fight human trafficking as well as "a new targeted program to prevent child and forced marriage in the world’s conflict zones," among other ideas.

One item immediately struck a nerve: a new RCMP tip line to enable people to report "incidents of barbaric cultural practices in Canada or to notify authorities that a child or woman is at risk of being victimized."

Tories promise RCMP tip line for people to report neighbours for ‘barbaric cultural practices’

Dr. Leitch tweeted about the announcement and used the hashtag #BarbaricCulturalPractices.

Very proud to be in #Ajax this morning w/ @calxandr to announce strong new @CPC_HQ measures to fight #BarbaricCulturalPractices #elxn42

...And people quickly adopted the hashtag in order to call out the Conservatives for what they saw as an attempt to campaign on fear and division.

Dividing a nation and cultivating racial/religious animosity in an effort to hold on to power. #BarbaricCulturalPractices #elxn42


The Canadian election has gone full racist #BarbaricCulturalPractices

@CTVNews Disgusted by the new "tip line" announced today. Inspires fear mongering, and is completely un-Canadian. #BarbaricCulturalPractices

Others began highlighting what they deemed barbaric practices by the Conservative government.

Muzzling scientists so Canadians can't access the information they pay for. #BarbaricCulturalPractices #elxn42 #cdnpoli

Calling refugees terrorists and letting them die rather than admitting them into our country. #BarbaricCulturalPractices #elxn42 #cdnpoli


#barbaricculturalpractices = Indian Residential School policy.

#BarbaricCulturalPractices - claiming that over 1,000 missing/murdered Indigenous Women is 'just not on your radar'. #Cdnpoli

This. THIS. People in Canada do not have water. Talk about your #BarbaricCulturalPractices

Destroying the Charter. Gutting CBC. Ignoring Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women. not honouring Treatys. All #BarbaricCulturalPractices


Or to point to specific actions by Conservative candidates.

#Tory candidate urinating in homeowner's coffee mug #BarbaricCulturalPractices #elxn42 #canpoli #CPC #StopHarper

Want a record of #BarbaricCulturalPractices look at Edmonton-Wetaskiwin voting records of Mike Lake #lgbt #prochoice

Others took a more satirical approach, listing barbaric practices such as playing Bon Jovi too loud or whipping out a guitar at a party.

Capri pants on men. #BarbaricCulturalPractices

My neighbour plays Bon Jovi way too fucking loud. #barbaricCulturalPractices


Using residential streets as commuter shortcuts #BarbaricCulturalPractices

Bags on seats in crowded transit. #BarbaricCulturalPractices

journalism school #BarbaricCulturalPractices

Tim Hortons #BarbaricCulturalPractices


Does wearing these torture devices come under the heading of #BarbaricCulturalPractices ?

leaving like a centimeter of milk in the bag cause you're too lazy to change it #BarbaricCulturalPractices

that guy at the party who starts playing the acoustic guitar even though no one fucking asked #BarbaricCulturalPractices

This guy managed to sum up both approaches.

I'm calling the #BarbaricCulturalPractices tipline immediately. There's a man trying to win #elxn42 by pitting Canadians against each other.


Meanwhile, this conservative consultant took the opportunity to tell everyone why their sarcastic/satirical tweets were only helping the Conservative cause.

Losing twitter strategy: trending #BarbaricCulturalPractices sarcastically, drawing attention to CPC policy that's supported by 86% of CDNs.

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