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    17 People Who Need To Be Arrested For Crimes Against Donairs

    These people need to be stopped.

    This is a donair:

    Andrew Vaughan / THE CANADIAN PRESS

    This is a monstrosity that pretends to be one:

    There are too many people taking liberties with the donair. It's time to enforce some g-d standards, people.

    1. No.

    @Pizzatown_Sackv / Via Twitter: @Pizzatown_Sackv

    2. Stop.

    Habaneros / Via Twitter: @HabanerosHRM

    3. Never.

    @FickleFrogPub / Twitter / Via Twitter: @FickleFrogPub

    4. How dare you.

    @foodessdotcom / Twitter / Via Twitter: @foodessdotcom

    5. This offends many cultures.

    @Relaxiknwarchie / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Relaxiknwarchie

    6. That's not a burger it's a hate crime.

    @stand_stuff / Twitter / Via Twitter: @stand_stuff

    7. WTF is a "Beef Donair"?!

    @theOTRkitchen / Twitter / Via Twitter: @theOTRkitchen

    8. Open up the jail this guy's going down for life.

    @Labville / Via Twitter: @Labville

    9. *deletes channel from TV*

    @seanvernon / Twitter / Via Twitter: @seanvernon

    10. Give me the address of this place right now I'm so angry.

    @palsonly / Twitter / Via Twitter: @palsonly

    11. Here's a recipe for "Hot Donair Dip" that's also a hot no goddamn chance.

    View this video on YouTube

    12. Would not have sex with this.

    @BigbuckHenning / Twitter / Via Twitter: @BigbuckHennig

    13. Lots of people say this donair soup is great. These people cannot be trusted.

    @heatherjhines / Twitter / Via Twitter: @heatherjhines

    14. Donair eggs benedict, just in case you're a horrible person who's hungry for breakfast.

    @michaeldinn / Via Twitter: @michaeldinn

    15. Here are some more donair nachos and I swear to fuck you need to hold me back.

    @michaeldinn / Twitter / Via Twitter: @michaeldinn

    16. Somebody actually made a donair milkshake, and the real King of Donair shared it. This is the apocalypse.

    Behold the donairshake @SugarShokCB @michaeldinn @evilpez4 #donair. Will this milkshake bring the boys to the yard?

    I don't even know who you are anymore, King.

    17. Finally, this is a pizza named after Ricky from Trailer Park Boys. It has chicken fingers, donair meat, ravioli, Brothers pepperoni, Zesty Mordant Doritos, and cheese.

    SwearNet / Via

    It sounds fucking delicious, tbh.

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