7 Creepy Baby Monitor Stories That Will Terrify All Parents

    "You're being watched."

    1. This month, a family near London, Ontario, was terrified when their baby monitor suddenly began playing creepy music and a voice told them they were being watched.

    2. A couple in New York City didn't understand why their 3-year-old was telling them he was afraid of the man in his monitor. Then one night in April they heard the voice for themselves.

    3. Also in April, a Kansas mother was putting her son down in the crib when she looked at the baby monitor camera and realized it was following her movements. "Every single hair on my body stood up. I was freaked out," she told KWCH 12.

    4. Yet again in April, a Minnesota mother was sleeping when she suddenly woke up to the sound of strange music playing in her child's room.

    5. A Houston nanny was playing with her 1-year-old charge in January when suddenly a voice spoke through the monitor: "That’s a really poopy diaper."

    6. It was around midnight in April 2014 when Heather Schreck heard a man screaming, "Wake up, baby! Wake up, baby."

    7. Marc Gilbert freaked out in August 2013 when he heard a man calling his 2-year-old daughter a "moron" and "little slut" through the monitor in her room.

    Baby monitor hacking is relatively easy to do. Many models connect to the internet in order to enable a parent to see and hear their child from anywhere. Once part of the network, it's susceptible to outside attacks.

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