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    When Cops Busted Their Party, These Canadian Students Helped Them Carry Out The Kegs

    Everybody took pics together.

    Enterprising students at Wilfrid Laurier University decided to celebrate St. Patrick's Day by buying some kegs and charging their fellow students to drink the beer at their house. I believe this is sometimes called a "kegger," and it gets you right drunk.

    It's also illegal to sell beer without a permit! And maybe not great to let your drunken guests spill out into the street during your illegal keg party. So pretty soon Waterloo Police came by to see what was going on.

    Police went inside and discovered six kegs. This operation apparently required a lot of officers, and even attracted local media. A reporter was there to tweet the action:

    WRPS have a warrant and are removing kegs from a house party on Albert St.

    You might expect the party organizers to be upset about losing their kegs. You would be wrong. They were such good sports that they actually helped police load the kegs into a van. "We want to be super cooperative," one party dude said.

    Homeowner helps police remove kegs... "We want to be super cooperative" @mikegren #projectrespect

    Welcome to St. Paddy's Day in Canada!

    These guys took a moment to pose with the cops, and said that the whole thing is "all part of St. Paddy's." Meanwhile, the Waterloo Police Twitter account pretty much live-tweeted the super-friendly bust.

    Other students loved it.

    Only at Laurier would students take a picture smiling with police after their party is busted

    Locals ate it up.

    I feel like this is an "only in Canada" type of thing ...

    And even the police chief thought the whole thing was a dandy display of police and the community working together.

    Firm, Fair, Consistent & positive community engagement leads to success. @WRPSToday members work hard to foster.

    All the attention led local media to ask the cops what they do with the bounty of St. Paddy's kegs. Waterloo Police said they log them as evidence and eventually return any full kegs to the beer store. Open kegs get poured out.

    @brendanlowther @CBCKW891 Great question! Property gets returned to the Beer Store.

    This concludes the most collegial, Canadian, and informative story about a busted kegger you will ever read.