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This Weed Kid From A Small Town Is Now Internet Famous

Ben Baker just wanted to meet Snoop. Now he's a legend.

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His name is Ben Baker and he's 21 years-old, which technically makes him a Weedadult. He's getting tons of love.

Local news media are all over him. Weed Kid is a pro at giving interviews.

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#Truro's #weedkid inspired plenty of memes yesterday, but only @GlobalAlexH got the interview.

Yup, that happened. #weedkid


In a follow up story, the Truro Daily News reported that "Canada has a new 'hero' and his name is Ben Baker. But you might know him better by a different name."

Baker told the paper:

They call me the Weed Kid, I guess, but me, myself, I'm just a 21-year-old that was born and raised in Truro. I'm just like everyone else I guess. I just got a little more attention.

Weed Kid didn't get to meet Snoop, but he did hang with some Trailer Park Boys cast members. They love him, too.


Everyone agrees he should meet Snoop.

#WeedKid is still waiting for his chance to meet @SnoopDogg. #WeedKidMeetSnoop, anyone?


@corybowles @realrobbwells @trailerparkboys Please introduce Weed Kid to @SnoopDogg He earned it! #WeedKid

You're welcome, Weed Kid!