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This Weed Kid From A Small Town Is Now Internet Famous

Ben Baker just wanted to meet Snoop. Now he's a legend.

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His name is Ben Baker and he's 21 years-old, which technically makes him a Weedadult. He's getting tons of love.


Local news media are all over him. Weed Kid is a pro at giving interviews.

Facebook: video.php

#Truro's #weedkid inspired plenty of memes yesterday, but only @GlobalAlexH got the interview. http://t.co/acwAgOo8Pb

Yup, that happened. #weedkid http://t.co/k6J3zEqOPV

In a follow up story, the Truro Daily News reported that "Canada has a new 'hero' and his name is Ben Baker. But you might know him better by a different name."

Baker told the paper:

They call me the Weed Kid, I guess, but me, myself, I'm just a 21-year-old that was born and raised in Truro. I'm just like everyone else I guess. I just got a little more attention.

Weed Kid didn't get to meet Snoop, but he did hang with some Trailer Park Boys cast members. They love him, too.

I LOVE #WeedKid SO MUCH https://t.co/aLUXHJK7KK

Everyone agrees he should meet Snoop.

#WeedKid is still waiting for his chance to meet @SnoopDogg. #WeedKidMeetSnoop, anyone? http://t.co/m2EnSpRSXa

@corybowles @realrobbwells @trailerparkboys Please introduce Weed Kid to @SnoopDogg He earned it! http://t.co/lyHTLhQqTT #WeedKid

You're welcome, Weed Kid!

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