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    22 Times Community Mailboxes Totally Failed Canada

    Delivering nothing but frustration.

    Canada Post just announced it has suspended the installation of community mailboxes as a means to replace home delivery for many Canadians. In its short life, the program racked up enough fails to make a lifelong enemy of many folks.

    1. Like this Nova Scotia woman, whose mailbox flooded anytime there was heavy rain. Here she is with her drenched voter card for the federal election.

    CBC News / Via

    "This is not a service," she told CBC. "I don't know what you call it any longer, but it's not a service. It's unacceptable and there's no excuse for it."

    2. This man in Quebec couldn't reach the mail at the back of his mailbox. When he complained to Canada Post, it asked him to get a doctor to fill out a form with the dimensions of his arms. Then maybe they would install a sliding tray in his mailbox.


    3. Meanwhile, a bunch of his neighbours had taken to using barbeque tongs to extract their mail.

    CTV News / Via

    4. But tongs are no use when you have a big package stuffed into your tiny mailbox and it inevitably rips as you try to pull it out.

    Canada post fail! My bag ripped as I pulled it out! #cdnpoli #superbox #superfail

    5. This person had to cut their mail out of the mailbox.

    6. Maybe that's what this Canadian did, too.

    7. This guy's community mailbox was installed more than two kilometres from his house.

    @canadapostcorp #FAIL. Canada Post tells me my new "community" mailbox is about 2.4 km from my house? What? Are you paying for my gas?

    8. His wouldn't open at all when it was too cold.

    Our new #CanadaPost community mailbox won't open when it's cold. Hey #CanadaPost newsflash: you operate in #Canada #fail

    Nope, not an issue in Canada.

    9. One family in British Columbia had their mailbox broken into repeatedly, which resulted in identity theft and a stolen cheque for $10,000.

    CBC News / Via

    10. Here's another burglarized community mailbox in Alberta.

    If a Community Mailbox DOES get broke into remember: thats not Canada Posts problem... call a cop or something

    11. The placement of mailboxes also drove people nuts. This one was "carefully sited away from any pesky sidewalks."

    New #CanadaPost community mailbox in my 'hood, carefully sited away from any pesky sidewalks. #FAIL #cdnpoli

    12. "No streetlights, no sidewalk, no parking."

    .@CanadaPost No streetlights, no sidewalk, no parking. #Genius #cdnpoli

    13. Yep, make sure people have to be park on the road to get their mail.

    @canadapostcorp There is nowhere to stop to pick up mail at community mailbox/this is one of YOUR trucks! #Langley

    It's dangerous for the mail carriers, too.

    14. Then there's whatever this was.

    Incredible #CanadaPost superbox fail... #canlab #cdnpoli #savedoor2door #cupw #ottpoli #yow

    15. This single image sums up the accessibility problems with community mailboxes.

    Now imagine him trying to get his mail when there is ice and snow everywhere...

    16. Montreal mayor Denis Coderre was so incensed by what he said was the placement of a community mailbox without consultation with the city that he took a jackhammer to its foundation.


    17. Let's also remember the times when carriers would leave the mailboxes completely open.

    Global News / Via

    “My neighbour sat out there and just guarded it…in 30 degree heat,” Brenda Miller of Calgary told Global News. “We got the runaround several times. One of the fellas…on the phone said, ‘Oh just walk away and leave it.’"

    18. A thief's paradise.

    @canadaposthelps lloydminster Alberta has the worst service always leaving mailboxes unlocked #canadapost #fail

    19. Yep.

    Good job @CanadaPostCorp. Not a mail man in sight. #CanadaPost #fail #freeMail

    20. Even when mailboxes were locked up tight, there were still problems. A man in Ontario discovered that his key could also open several of his neighbours' mailboxes.

    Stratford man’s key opens more than one community mailbox:

    21. There has to be a better way. 😫😩😩

    22. And finally, this: "Over the past six months, Canada Post has lost three packages for me, all of which it claims to have delivered. I think I discovered the reason why today."

    Canada Post told CBC News that this "not acceptable and not our process."

    But it was the reality of community mailboxes.

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