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    People Called This Mom An "Exhibitionist" After She Took A Breastfeeding Pic With Santa

    "I posted it just as another picture of how great breastfeeding is."

    Rebecca Dunbar was in line with her kids in to get their pictures taken with Santa. When one of her year-old twins began to fuss, she nursed him. Dunbar was next up, so she asked Santa and the photographer if they could take a photo while nursing.

    This was the result. A happy, nursing mother and child, with Santa playing along. She posted the photo to her Facebook profile with a caption that promotes breastfeeding. Her friends loved it, she told the Canadian Press.

    "I posted it just as another picture of how great breastfeeding is," the St. Catharines, Ontario mom told Global News, "but it was a bit tongue-in-cheek and silly. Santa looks silly."

    As the photo began to spread online, Dunbar began to receive an overwhelming amount of negative feedback. In the end, she told CP, she estimated that 75% of the comments were critical of her. Some called her an "exhibitionist" or "attention-starved."

    Global News / Huffington Post Canada / Via

    “I think breastfeeding is absolutely beautiful and I was very positive about it," she said. "The fact that people have been so negative is a little upsetting. But everyone has an opinion.”

    In response, Dunbar eventually decided to lock down her Facebook profile and to make the image private.

    Facebook: rebecca.dunbar.50

    She told Global News she would not share the photo so publicly if she were to do it again.

    “I don’t think I would," she said. "I would take the picture again though a million times. I would take the picture and keep it."

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