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A Canadian Mayor Wrote The Ontario Attorney General To Complain About Springsteen Ticket Prices

Mayor Mike was born to bitch.

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Mayor Mike Bradley of Sarnia, Ontario has seen Bruce Springsteen live more than 80 times. He was down to see the Boss in Toronto — until he saw the ticket prices. So he wrote the Ontario Attorney General(!) to raise hilarious objections.

Bradley incorporated the titles of more than 15 Springsteen songs into the letter. Sample: "Those who can afford to pay are being Held Up Without a Gun on-line by ticket brokers looking for Easy Money." It also makes fun of Celine Dion and Nickelback.

Mike Bradley

Bradley told BuzzFeed Canada he "was seeing prices four to five times the face value and for $5,000 a seat. Also StubHub had tickets for sale a week before they went on sale [at the venue]."

He said these are "Not appropriate prices for a working class hero's concert."

The letter concludes with this: "The same practice has happened to Nickelback and Celine Dion fans; however I did not speak up at that time because I believe when people make poor life choices they should be responsible for their own actions." 😂

Mike Bradley

Bradley said he expects a reply from the attorney general over his letter. Meanwhile, some Celine Dion fans have reached out to object to his insult. But what about Nickelback fans? "Nickleback fans don't read so haven't heard from them," he said.

In addition to writing letters about Springsteen, Bradley has contributed to two books about the Boss. He recenlty wrote about "how his music intertwined with my political philosophy" for a third volume. It recounts the first time he saw Springsteen.

On December 30th, 1978, a gang of us drove to Detroit fueled on cheap American beer and Boones Farm wine (A dollar five you come alive!) with our expensive" ten dollar tickets in our pockets. I was apprehensive that despite all the stories about the legendary performances of Bruce and the E Street Band that I would be disappointed. Was I wrong! That night changed my life as the full power, passion and glory of Bruce and the E Street Band was unleashed.

Though he's seen the band more than 80 times, Bradley readily admits there are bigger Bruce addicts.

"There are other fans who have seen him two or three hundred times," he said. "Those people need help."

Craig Silverman is a media editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in Toronto.

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