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A Magazine Accidentally Replaced "Donald Trump" With "Someone With Tiny Hands” In A Story

Hold me closer, tiny handser.

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Jason Tanz is editor-at-large for Wired magazine. He wrote a story about all of the strange and wonderful things that go on in the background while Donald Trump is speaking. For example, this guy feeding chips to another guy as if he's a baby:

Donald Trump upstaged by two guys and a potato chip

And just like the chip bros upstaging Trump, the best part of Tanz's article turned out to be an amazing correction added to the bottom:

Wired / Via

It's not an isolated incident at Wired. Gizmodo discovered another article that was published with the same Chrome extension activated.

By the way, you can install the extension here.

This error evokes of one of the world's greatest find-and-replace flubs. In 2006, a Reuters story replaced "queen bee" with "Queen Elizabeth," resulting in this sentence: "Queen Elizabeth has 10 times the lifespan of workers and lays up to 2,000 eggs a day."

Tanz understandably has mixed feelings about the traffic the correction is generating to his story, but he's being a good sport about it.

good news: my latest piece @wired is blowing up! bad news: it's because of this:

You should totally read the whole story, OK?

come for the correction, stay for the analysis of decentralized culture and the decline of traditional signifiers of formal authority!

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