10 Hyper Realistic And Intensely Satisfying Paintings Of Food

    "Art should make people happy and excited… and hungry."

    Erin Rothstein has been painting in a photo-realistic style for most of her artistic career. But it wasn't until she began painting food that everything clicked. "It’s the perfect marriage," she tells BuzzFeed Canada. "I like to paint foods that people are obsessed with and that sort of trigger that primal thing in us that we can't pinpoint."

    Rothstein will be displaying a new collection in an upcoming show at the Abbozzo Gallery in Toronto.

    1. "It looks so photo realistic but if you go up to the painting and focus on one part it almost looks abstract and you can almost get lost in it. That’s true of food as well," she says.

    2. "A lot of people are drawn to the avocado. I think there’s something very seductive about them. It’s also the perfect avocado we all hope to get then we cut one open."

    3. Rothstein is from Montreal, so there was no question that she'd use a Montreal bagel for a painting.

    4. When she decided to paint a cookie, Rothstein bought several boxes of President's Choice The Decadent cookies because of how popular they are in Canada. "I wanted it to be a cookie that everyone could relate to. I don’t know one person who doesn't like those cookies."


    6. "I pick foods that trigger a very strong emotional response in people and in myself," she says. Like McDonald's fries.

    7. A Tim Horton's donut.

    8. Or sushi.

    9. Rothstein photographs the food and paints from the photograph. "I stand on a chair to do the photo shoot. I look totally crazy when I'm doing it."

    10. "The hot dog was very difficult to paint. There was a lot going on for that hot dog. I love how it’s painted in an obsessively meticulous way but it is the messiest hot dog that you’ll ever see."

    "It’s art that does not take itself too seriously," she says. "Art should make people happy and excited… and hungry."