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This Kid Is The New Giant Pumpkin King Of Manitoba

He crushed a bunch of grown men to win the Roland Pumpkin Fair.

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This is Milan Lukes, a 13 year old from St. Norbert, Manitoba who can grow a giant pumpkin like nobody's business. Look at these gigantic orange badboys, all grown in his suburban garden.

Janice Lukes

Janice Lukes, his mother, tells BuzzFeed Canada he started growing regular pumpkins when he was about 6 years old.

"He was small so at that time the pumpkins looked big (50-75 pounds) then he kept growing so I took him to Roland Manitoba to see their big pumpkins," she said.

His dream was to compete in — and win — the Roland Pumpkin Fair.

By the way, the Pumpkin Fair is a big deal. Here's this year's crowd.

Janice Lukes

In 2013, Milan grew a pumpkin that was more than 500 pounds and they announced him as "the future of giant pumpkin growing in Manitoba."

And how right they were. Milan just won first and second place with giant pumpkins that rocked the scales at 1,348 pounds and 1,283 pounds. Here's Milan striking a power pose with the Manitoba pumpkin-grower version of the Stanley Cup.

Milan only started competing in 2013. Last year he had a pumpkin that topped 1,000 pounds. Here he is watching as his entries for this year were loaded up for the weigh-in.

"We loaded those suckers up and drove them one hour south of Winnipeg to Roland Manitoba — the Prairie Region's official ‘weighing centre’ for the Great Pumpkin Commonweath," Lukes said.


New he's a full-on celebrity, doing radio interviews and telling people how his giant pumpkins are like his children.

omg 13 year old Milan Lukes on @CBCInfoRad now telling us how he cared for his giant pumpkins like children. :)

Milan spends roughly three hours a day in the garden between February and October.

"He even skipped beach days and movie days so he could grow," his mother said.

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