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People Spent Hours Keeping A Beached Whale Cool In Order To Save Its Life

Job well done, British Columbians.

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When people spotted this orca beached on rocks in Hartley Bay, British Columbia, a call went out for help.

A group of researchers from the Cetacea Lab joined with volunteers from the World Wildlife Fund and Git G'at Guardians to rush into action.

"We decided the best thing to do would be to keep her cool — that meant to put water on her body, and we used blankets and sheets," Hermann Meuter, a co-founder of Cetacea Lab, told CBC News. "It was the only thing we could do."

"She cried often, which tore at our hearts," said a Facebook post about the rescue.

They kept her cool and watered for hours.

At around 4 p.m. PT, the water began to rise. "As the tide came up there were many cheers as this whale was finally free after 6+ hours of being stuck on this rock," the post said. The whale was free!

"A giant thank you once again to this amazing community that comes together so quickly to protect what is sacred."