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18 Of The Most Hilarious Media Corrections Of 2015

Sorry, it turns out Obama is *not* the Antichrist.

1. This Associated Press correction to a case of mistaken identity:

2. This Reuters correction about a "decrepit cowboy":

3. This Times of London correction about the Pope John Paul II:

4. This Lexington Dispatch correction about Obama being the Antichrist:

5. This New York Times Crossword clue correction:

6. This Guardian correction to an unwise Jamie Oliver toaster tip:

7. This New York Times correction about a nonexistent country:

8. This Kentucky newspaper's correction: this major mistake:

9. This correction to a misquote:

10. This Biblical New York Times correction:

11. This correction-to-correction from NPR:

12. This Guardian correction that showed John Cleese knows more about pythons than the paper:

13. This lengthy New York Times correction about Melania Trump:

14. This Globe And Mail correction about Donald Trump:

15. This Maclean's magazine Star Wars correction:

16. This Los Angeles Times correction about Hillary Clinton's income:

17. This NPR correction about David Letterman's mother:

18. This BuzzFeed correction to a report about snow in Eastern Canada:


The News-Enterprise is based in Kentucky. This post originally said it was a Kansas newspaper, thereby requiring a correction to a post about corrections. If I were to make a mistake with this correction, I could issue a correction-to-correction in a post about corrections. That would be the unicorn of corrections.

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