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This Canadian Poet's Tumblr Is Filled With Hilarious Fake CanLit Book Covers

"The Night Isn't Going To Call Itself 'Luminescent' On Its Own, Is It?"

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David McGimpsey is the author of seven books of poetry, one collection of short stories, and teaches literature at Concordia University in Montreal. He also likes to photoshop strange and hilarious book covers and post them to his Tumblr.

Canadian poetry anthologies are a common theme. This one is obscenely boastful, like all Canadian poetry.

David McGimpsey / Via

McGimpsey told BuzzFeed Canada he "started making book covers which kind of pick up on a satire about poetry and literature (esp. Canadian Literature) that has been in my writing."

McGimpsey is also active on Twitter. Some people now eagerly await any of his tweets that contain the telltale phrase "secondhand book-shopping in Montreal."

I don't think there's a Twitter joke I love more than @DaveMcGimpsey's "secondhand book shopping in Montreal" tag.