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    Leaving Because Of Trump? These Texas Realtors Want To Sell Your House

    Make America Great Commissions Again.

    Texas realtor Michelle Blackwell has been hearing lots of talk about people moving to Canada if Trump wins the election. So she put together an ad offering to sell the home of anyone fleeing Trumpmerica, and posted it to her Facebook page. Things went a bit nuts from there.

    Facebook / Via Facebook: MichelleWyattHeritageRealEstateRealtor

    "I did the post as a marketing tool for my business page of 173 [fans]," Blackwell told BuzzFeed News.

    But soon it had been shared tens of thousands of times. Her page now has more than 5,000 fans.

    "It was viral pretty quickly and I am not even sure how it [spread]," she said.

    Blackwell had to keep her phone on airplane mode because it was constantly being hit with calls and messages. She was soon asked by her firm to remove the post. It's no longer on her page.

    Blackwell declined to say whether she'd attracted any new clients with the ad.

    She isn't the only Texas realtor making a pitch for listings thanks to Trump. Dallas agent Elena Dinaburg posted a similar ad in a private Facebook group. Though the wording is very similar, Dinaburg told BuzzFeed News she hadn't seen the other ad.

    Elena Dinaburg / Via

    She said it seemed like the perfect time for this pitch because, "There's so much media [attention] with Trump, and so much for and against him."

    Like Blackwell, she said the ad wasn't politically motivated. "It's more of an advertising thing," she said.

    Reaction has mostly been positive, according to Dinaburg. "I've gotten a lot feedback on it. Honestly, most of it was really really positive, saying 'That’s awesome advertising.' There were only one or two who said 'What are you doing?!'"

    She doesn't have any plans to post the ad outside of the private Facebook group, and no new clients have come to her way as of now.

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