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A Customer Gave A Donut Shop A Bad Review After He Saw A Woman Breastfeeding

"I just think women should feel really proud of what their body is capable of and feel empowered to look after their child."

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Meghan Zahari is co-owner of the Bronuts donut and coffee shop in Winnipeg, and part of her job involves responding to online reviews. She recently discovered a customer had posted a complaint about her breastfeeding in the shop.

"Oh, and the baby being breast-fed behind the counter and the dude using his finger to level off my coffee before it was perked were nice touches, too," wrote "Lord Igor." The review was posted on Zomato months ago and set off a series of replies.

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Zahari told BuzzFeed Canada that contrary to what the reviewer posted she has never breastfed her daughter from behind the counter.

"I do breastfeed in the shop just by sitting where the customers would sit," she said. "It would be really impressive if I could multitask enough to work behind the counter and feed her at the same time."

"Her baby was hungry, should she pack up and go home with a crying baby who just wants to be fed?" wrote one woman. "Go outside and sit in the street? Feed the baby in the bathroom? I don't know about you but I don't eat in the bathroom."

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Zahari said many of the most negative comments on the thread have since been removed, either by site administrators or by the commenters themselves. There are, however, still some that say you "don't do breast feeding in a restaurant."


"Lord Igor" also came back to defend his original comment. He said that being "behind the counter at an eating establishment breast feeding a child, without a privacy cover, is not only unprofessional, it is non hygienic."

Zahari posted a reply on her personal Instagram. "I hope those people are, at the very least, grateful for their own mothers' efforts and I hope that next time someone leaves a negative review about me as a business owner, it's actually about my work."

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"I think that breastfeeding is a natural and positive thing and unfortunately, mostly in North America, we haven't quite got to the point where everyone views it as a normal thing," Zahari told BuzzFeed Canada.

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"In the end I just think women should feel really proud of what their body is capable of and feel empowered to look after their child, whether it’s with a bottle or breast," she said.

"There shouldn't be shame attached to something they should feel proud of themselves for."

Craig Silverman is a media editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in Toronto.

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