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The Worst Superheo Films

Superhero films have gone from strength to strength with each passing year since Blade and X-Men lit up the box office. With Marvels The Avengers (none of that silly assemble business here thank you!) becoming the third highest grossing film ever behind Titanic and Avatar respectively and amassing huge amounts of cash; superhero films are a big business. Sadly there are two bad films for every good so in no particular order here are my least favourite comic book movies and why they should be avoided!

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Batman and Robin

Responsible for ruining the Bat franchise, Batman and Robin is a lesson in how not to make a film let alone a super hero one. Bad dialogue, direction and acting Batman and Robin is awful in every sense of the word. The best things about it are Chris O Donnell’s Robin who still brings a lot of energy to the film and the ever reliable Michael Gough as Alfred who is always marvellous. Whilst Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr Freeze and the bastardization of Bane are both unforgivable and embarrassing. If you ever get the chance to see it, drink a lot before you do!


Whilst it took Warner Bros four films to ruin Batman, they somehow managed to kill off and piss all over Catwoman in just one! Halle Berry is fantastically miscast as made up Catwoman Patience Phillips, an artist who gains cat like powers after a near death experience. Having bad characterisation, no real story, a lack of strong characters and shite action sequences such as a badly CGIed Halle Berry bouncing around like a cat. Even her whip, Catwomans signature weapon, is CGI! Compare this to Michelle Pfeiffer, the previous Catwoman who learned how to use the whip like a pro. Avoid avoid avoid!


A semi sequel to the much superior Daredevil, the film finds the recently returned from the dead Elektra (Jennifer Garner) training to become a ninja . Expelled from the order due to her rage, Elektra strives to cleanse her soul but also to save a young girl who has been discovered as a martial arts prodigy. The worst thing about Elektra is how much of a missed opportunity it is; Garner is as always fantastic and some of the characters are genuinely brilliant (such as the reimaging of Typhoid Mary). Sadly the story is rubbish and it all feels so boring and a massive let down. It is a crying shame as the pieces are all there; it just needed a better story and much more oomph to it.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Produced by Hugh Jackman, directed by Academy Award winning Gavin Hood and co written by David Benioff it had all of the right names and potential attached to it. What we actually got was something we definitely didn’t see coming! It ruined and ignored already established continuity, has dreadful action scenes and dialogue and leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth. In fact the best things about it are Hugh Jackman, Leiv Schreiber and Will I Am; they all portray their characters perfectly and are the shining stars of the film. If you want to see how a real Wolverine story should be then play the amazing video game instead!

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