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Whatever Happened To The Mixed Gender Pop Group?

It is a 'Tragedy'!!

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In the nineties to early noughties these groups ruled.


They were at the top of the charts, selling out arena tours and on every television program. They were incredibly child friendly, whilst also singing about adult themes of love and sex.

I don't think I stand alone when I say I miss them and that I loved them. I bet my life that we all own at least one CD or tape that one of the these bands lovingly created!

I may not be appearing the most 'coolest' person right now, but at least I am being honest.


Be honest with yourself - we loved these groups. I went to see Steps on their reunion tour and they were amazing, we need some more cheesy pop about friendships and love in our lives - we take our music tastes way too seriously. There is no shame in liking these songs, there is only shame in pretending that you don't. We all loved them at one point; Steps sold 20 million records, S Club 7 sold 10 million records and Abba sold nearly 300 million records!

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