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    She needs our help guys! Or does she?

    This is a story about a beautiful young woman by the name of Rutendo Tichiwangani. You may know her as rlt_ on Instagram and Rlt on YouTube.

    She has amassed 70.6k followers on Instagram and 9k subscribers on YouTube ... as of this time. And it is not hard to see why!

    However, these beautiful images are not why we are here for today! This is ...

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    I stumbled across this story as I was doing my daily trawl through the miles and miles of Twitter feed I have to get through daily.

    And I suddenly noticed a hashtag - #visabae

    At what I thought was a cool little advertising ploy from a well known credit card company came a story that has truly ticked off the nation.

    I won't bore you with all of the details - the half hour video is up there for you to enjoy at your leisure. However, let me give the highlights.

    Basically, her visa to stay in the UK is due to expire in one month! And she needs £2300 to pay for it so she can remain in the UK - to which she has started a Gofundme account for.

    Now this is devastating, no one should have to worry about been allowed to stay in their own home - especially when it comes down to money. She has not committed a crime and she did not enter the country illegally.

    However, people have lost a lot of sympathy when they have thought about it and taken a step back.

    Here are just a handful of the thousands of tweets.

    The thing that pisses me off the most about #visabae is the fact that she said she quit her job because it wasn’t for her. She knew she had a visa to pay for and the deadline was coming. So now she’s on YouTube begging people who actually WORK for their money to fund her visa 😐

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    #Visabae I'm sorry but there's something corny about this 1. sis can afford to live in London 2. sis does advertisements for shops & boutiques (I'm sure you get paid) 3. what visa cost £2300 .. receipts please I need answers coz I donated £50

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    6 years x £1.07 = VISA Quick Maths #Visabae

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    I don’t understand. She knew this day was coming but didn’t save?? I’m tired loool #visabae

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    It makes me mad because there are so many legitimate causes that need funding on gofundme that deserve all the help but don't get it. Then you have the #Visabae come and just abuse it because they’re too lazy to work hard meanwhile living a lavish lifestyle

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    Spending money on expensive handbags and shoes VS saving for your Visa #Visabae

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    I wanna know what school #visabae went to 😂😂 "even when I was a child I couldn't go on school trips to like France... Or Barbados" BARBADOS?!

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    Some of you are forgetting that she had the responsibility to sort the visa out. Just because she isn’t a influencer doesn’t mean she skips that paperwork. #Visabae

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    She has now even appeared on a UK news show.

    A fashion blogger who has lived in the UK since she was 10, fears she will be deported to Zimbabwe. Rutendo Tichiwangani portrays a luxury lifestyle online - but has now asked her followers for financial help a month before her visa ends. #Visabae | @ClaudiaLizaTV

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    However, where the negative naysayers are there are always some that will shine some positivity and empathy.

    I actually feel bad for #visabae , Bet the majority of you didn’t even watch the video . Just retweeting to laugh.

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    If you didn’t personally donate to #VisaBae why are you so bitter ? Is it your money

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    #VisaBae If you have never been in that situation you cannot speak. Best wishes Rutendo in your application.

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    I don't know this woman's entire story, and quite frankly does anybody else other than herself. I hope she finds security in life, I hope she gets to stay in the UK and I hope she continues slaying on her Instagram - even that can be done on a budget.