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The WORST 'Friends' Storylines

The One That Shouldn't Have Been

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Let me start with a quick disclaimer:

I love Friends. It is hands down my favourite TV show of all time!

However, they made 236 episodes so of course there are going to be some moments that didn't shine as well as others, some doozies that didn't measure up to the grade A steak that some episodes were. With a show like Friends though it isn't as if there were bad episodes, just episodes that you can skip, or play as background sound whilst you scroll through Tumblr or pooping, if thats what you like to do.

Lets go and allow the Friend's bashing commence, as much as it hurts my heart.

Joey can't speak french!


In season 10 it seemed that the writers lost their way when it came to Joey, I mean they started with the pointless storyline of Joey and Rachel been a couple and then that was it. They must have been saving all the Joey storylines for the spin off. This storyline just did nothing for the character - we are supposed to believe he is so thick that he can't repeat a noise someone else just made?! It is frustrating, the storyline is only saved by Phoebe telling the casting director that Joey is retarded.

Joey and Rachel


As previously mentioned I wasn't happy with the idea of Rachel and Joey becoming a couple, and I don't think you would find many Friends fans that were. It was weird, unnecessary and it could of seriously messed up the dynamics of the show. I loved the storyline of Joey having a crush on Rachel, it showed a much deeper level to the character. Also that storyline was fully rounded out, he had the crush, she didn't feel the same, he had to get over it - it was a great human story that a lot of people could relate to. The story should have ended there.

Monica convinced Chandler was turned on by sharks!


So, Monica walks in on Chandler rewarding himself, she looks at the TV and sees he is watching a shark attack show. Instead of thinking (like most people would) he just turned off porn, she thinks he gets his jollies by watching the deep sea, multi row of teeth, seal eating monsters. What were the writers thinking? Did they not have anything else for that one single stand alone episode? It just made for uncomfortable viewing, and basically we were all as confused as Chandler.

Rachel trying to impress Joshua!


Oh this was just uncomfortable! Why would Rachel Greene ever have to try so hard. Her personality, her style, her face and her haircut (that I still dream of having one day). It was awkward watching her be so desperate. The only saving grace from that episode was her moment with Chandler on the step between the apartments. All in all I still cringe whilst watching her cheer Emily's name.

Pete wanting to become the Ultimate Fighting Champion!


This relationship started out so sweet, he ate at her restaurant and gave her a cheque for £20,000, she was angry but then they laughed about it and it blossomed into something cute. And then out of nowhere this computer entrepreneur decided he wanted to fight professionally. What? This then showcased him as a shallow, egotistical, narrow minded idiot. I guess the writers wanted a way out of this character going any further but there could have been more organic ways, ones that could honour this relationship - and not just make it a punchline. Wonder if Pete ever made it?

Joey and Kate


This is, hands down, the worst relationship storyline in Friends for me. I dread watching this develop when I binge the show - I can't skip them because there is good moments with other characters in between this monstrosity. Kate was just not likeable at all! Her personality sucked. First she insults Joey because he was a soap star, then she sleeps with him and acts like it was nothing and then she leaves and doesn't even tell him! And she leaves during the middle of the play so he can't even say good bye properly when the stage hand tells him! Eurgh, Bitch!

Monica and the Maid!


Another awkward storyline for me to watch. I just didn't understand. The main thing I didn't understand was why Monica and Chandler needed a Maid. This is the same woman who couldn't sleep because someone Ross was dating had a dirty apartment so she went over and offered to clean it. What was this Maid going to clean?! Monica thinks the Maid is stealing from her, first her jeans and then her bra. So of course mayhem ensues and Monica finds herself with her head between the maid's legs, and Chandler finds himself asking the maid to take her top off because Monica is a lesbian. How this woman didn't sue them I don't know.

Rachel and Mrs. Whiskerson!


As a lover of Friends, Rachel, and cats this may sound completely hypocritical. I hated this little B storyline. It didn't make sense to me to include it in any episode. Rachel never expressed a love for felines, she suddenly had $1000 to spend on a cat and it totally put this beautiful breed of cat in a bad light (ok, I shouldn't take that one so hard but I felt sorry for the little thing - it called a hand and mistaken as a raw chicken!) This episode would have been no better or worse if this storyline wasn't included, it was blah.

The Holiday Armadillo!


This one may split fans of Friends. Some love the idea and some don't. I am of the latter. They are telling us in an entire costume store there wasn't anything slightly appropriate for someone to dress up as for Hanukkah? An armadillo? Really? There wasn't really any moments of giggling for me in this episode. I hated the armadillo, then I felt sorry for Ross when Santa Chandler came in, then Superman arrived... I didn't get it.


This was just weird and uncomfortable! Ross' sexual attraction to his cousin was insane, Ross trying to justify incest made me fold whilst wincing with second hand awkwardness. Denise Richards is a beautiful woman and a talented actress, but this storyline should not have been written let alone filmed. How easy would it have been for Cassie to be a childhood friend or neighbour, same jokes but a hell of a lot less painful.

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