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    • craigc10

      I cannot believe the hate that comes out of people before they even know the facts. It shames me as an American to even be associated with people who would allow that to come out of their mouths. She is an American, she was born in the states. What constitutes being “American” in your book? Being white or being a race hating idiot… Grow up and educate yourselves. People who make remarks like the ones above are why other countries think so little of us. You talk about slapping the people who were lost on 9/11 in the face by making a woman who happens to be brown Miss America, I believe it is more disrespectful to use their memories to support your hate and ignorance. America, this is not the America that my father fought for nor my grandfathers for that matter. It am not sure where we went wrong but this is not what I wave my flag for or place my hand over my heart and pledge allegiance to. Think before you speak or don’t speak at all. Thank you.

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