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What Yahoo Answers Can Teach Us About Humanity

Yahoo Answers is a place to get answers from real people and that's exactly what happens. It's just too bad the answers (and questions) aren't always what you were wanting.

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Some People Shouldn't be Allowed Pets


If your cat is vibrating and you are running around the house screaming in terror, you seriously need to think about giving your cat to a shelter. If only for your cat's safety.

Are People Really That Stupid?


Yahoo Answers is a place where internet trolls thrive, so when reading questions which ask if dogs should drive, it makes you question if it's by a troll or just a stupid person.

People are Always Willing to Help


It doesn't matter how bad things are, if you have a problem, people are always willing to help. If for example your microwave stops working, a Yahoo Answers' user will let you know your car engine works just as good.

You Start to Question Things You Normally Wouldn't


As dumb as the question sounds at first, after it sinks in for 5 minutes it actually make you want to know the answer. Many Yahoo Answer questions do this to you.

People Have a Sense of Humor


If all else fails, go over to Yahoo Answers and you will have a few laughs. Out of the dumb questions and trolls are secret comedians that will make you LOL until you realise you've spent way too long on the computer.

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