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What Jesus Gets Up To On His Days Off

Using Google's autocomplete function, we now have a glimpse into what Jesus could possibly get up to on his days off.

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He Likes to Play Hide and Seek


What! You've only gone and lost Jesus...again. It took us hours to find the guy last time and we need him in the next hour. We guess that's what happens when you challenge him to hide and seek.

He Likes to be Thought of as a Mischievous Badger


If you’re going to think of someone as a mischievous animal then a badger is the way to go. What’s not to like about them? Jesus should take it as a complement. Then again, that's what he wants us to believe.

He Likes to Take Care of his Dinosaurs


Dinosaurs are Jesus’ ponies? Hmmm, I've never thought about it like that. Well I guess that guy has got to have some kind of past-time. We bet they are high maintenance though.

He Tries to Perfect his Burrito Cooking Skills?


We can imagine the guy could warm up a mean burrito. Then again, they are tricky to make. What would you do if he made you one and you didn't like it? Or even worse, he burnt it?

The following were made using Google's autocomplete function. For more and to find the ones listed above, visit Who Searches This Stuff?

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