The Most Amazingly Pointless Products Amazon Has To Offer

Amazon, it’s not only the go-to place for your DVD and game needs, but it’s also a gold mine for amazingly bizarre and laughable products.

1. Inflatable Toast

Do you love toast so much that you wish you could carry it wherever you go? Well now you can.

2. Steering Wheel Attachable Work Surface Tray

Ever wanted to check your Facebook while driving, but the practicality just isn’t there? Your wish has come true.

3. 8GB Condom USB Flash Drive

Want to be one of those cool kids with a rubber in your pocket, but you secretly know you’d never get the chance to use it? Voila.

4. Canned Unicorn Meat

For when corned beef and spam feel too normal. Just watch out for those rainbow runs.

5. How to Avoid Huge Ships (Book)

Do you constantly run into huge ships while walking down the street? Problem solved.

6. Giant Swiss Army Knife

Now this is something MacGyver would be jealous of. Why have a mere mortal Swiss army knife when you could have one that has been passed down by God himself?

7. Cat Butt Coin Purse

Do you love cats? Yes, you say? You obviously have the Cat Butt Coin Purse, right? Was that a no? And you said you loved cats. You should be ashamed.

8. Fun Runny Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

Come on! There’s no way your friends would think you’re weird for having one of these. In fact, they probably think you’re weird for NOT having one.

9. And you can get all of these products here.

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