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24 Funny Notes From Mom And Dad

Who knew parents were comedians. Check out 24 funny notes that Mom and Dad have left for their children which will hopefully put a smile on your face - especially if you yourself are a parent.

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I usually find myself writing and compiling top ten lists on a daily basis. But when I came across BuzzFeed I thought to myself that ten wasn't going to cut it. So I upped my game and decided to bring you guys a list of 24 instead.

So I behold, 24 Funny Notes From Mom And Dad. And as you can tell from the following picture, not only do parents think they are comedians, they are usually sarcastic in doing so.

If you did something similar as a child you were told off and told you were either back chatting or being disrespectful. However, parents are allowed to do it. Parents - you are a hypercritical bunch. =]

Please note: This is my first post on BuzzFeed (hopefully one of many) and after searching the site, it has just about every kind of picture compile lists you can think of. For this reason I hope nothing similar to this post exists and I will hopefully continue to contribute,

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