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26 Things That Will Only Ever Happen In A Houseshare

It's not just you — these things are happening in every houseshare ever. When the Post-Its drive you crazy, head to the pub for some Crabbie's Fruits.

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6. You will dry yourself not being entirely certain you’re the only one doing so with this particular towel. / Via

You will also find an entire face imprint of toothpaste on your towel and launch a month-long investigation into whodunnit.

11. Your bedsheets will disappear from the line, reappear six months later, and you won’t know what happened between these two events. / Via

You will buy more bedsheets than you’ve ever bought in your life and learn the following thing: it is possible to buy bedsheets so cheap they actually melt in the dryer.

17. You won’t see a particular housemate for months but you shall know them by their trail of Post-Its.

Danielle Scott (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via

You can also work out if someone still lives with you by whether or not their food is being eaten/their shampoo is disappearing.

19. You will watch, daily, as a bottle of milk three months out of date expands slowly with gas. You will not throw it out because: / Via

Also because you didn’t buy it. If you throw out the three-months-out-of-date milk someone will get mad at you for throwing out their milk. You will then have to replace the milk.