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Adventurous Things Everyone Needs To Try Once

Adventurous doesn't have to mean death-defying or throwing yourself out of a plane: it's about breaking out of your comfort zone. So grab yourself a cold Crabbie's Fruits and plan your next adventure.

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2. Try something that you know you're going to be rubbish at / Via

Because life inside your comfort zone might be warm and squishy - but it's hardly high-octane. You never know, you might actually be good at it. And if you're not, no one is going to make you do it again.

4. Dine on insects


Seriously - it's kinda weird that we DON'T eat them. They're a dietary staple for a lot of the world. You never know, you might like it. At the very least, when the apocalypse comes, you're not going to be squeamish about living off the land.

6. Ask an attractive stranger for their phone number


If they say 'No', you'll only be embarrassed for a few moments. Compare that to the lifetime of hand-holding and field-skipping you could have with this potential soulmate.

7. Apply for a job that you have no chance of getting


But which you really want. Hey, Clark Kent had very few qualifications, but they gave him that sweet Daily Planet position alongside an award-winning hack. Sometimes enthusiasm and hard work wins over experience. And you're a Superman to us.

10. Go on a mobile phone detox / Via

Vow to spend three days without your mobile phone. Think that's no an adventure? Try it! Go for walks and get lost without your maps features. Ask strangers for directions. Buy a good book that you can read when you're (inevitably) waiting for friends to arrive places (without your phone you won't be getting the 'I'm 10 mins late' texts…).

11. Aim to have a conversation with a stranger every day for a month

The Tonight Show / Jimmy Fallon / NBC / Via

Either on public transport, in a shop or someone you don't know very well at work. By the end of the month you'll be confident enough to speak to anyone in any situation. Of course, use your caution and don't approach strangers at night or in isolated places or anyone wearing tin foil hats.

12. Visit a country from each of the seven continents


That's Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Antarctica. Send yourself a postcard when you get there for a souvenir with a difference.