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    17 Things For An American Horror Story Freak Show Halloween Party

    Turn off the Monster Mash and turn this year's Halloween party into a Freak Show, #AmericanHorrorStory style!

    1. Send guests these “tickets” to the main attraction.

    2. Require American Horror Story attire.

    3. Use this tutorial to turn into Twisty the Clown...

    View this video on YouTube

    Pink Stylist / Via

    ...but don't expect to look in the mirror without peeing your pants.

    4. Print and hang creepy vintage circus photos.

    5. Display a sign like this, so friends know what they’re in for.

    6. Hire a sword swallower to put everyone on edge.

    7. Build a vintage ticket booth to set the scene.

    8. Upgrade your balloon game.

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    Thread Banger / Via

    This spider balloon DIY will make your skin crawl.

    9. Create a photo booth with a circus tent backdrop.

    10. Don't forget the props!

    11. Serve up some finger food.

    12. Throw some surprises in the popcorn.

    13. Quench thirst with a tasty bowl full of “Satan’s Circus.”

    14. No AHS Halloween party is complete without a Jessica Lange pumpkin

    15. Candy apples are cool - blood covered apples are better.

    16. Make or rent some classic carnival games.

    17. Label your poisons with free printables.