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    17 Things For An American Horror Story Freak Show Halloween Party

    Turn off the Monster Mash and turn this year's Halloween party into a Freak Show, #AmericanHorrorStory style!

    1. Send guests these “tickets” to the main attraction.

    Freak Show, admit one.

    2. Require American Horror Story attire.

    Characters of past and present welcome. Bonus: Hand out prizes for “Best Sister Jude.”

    3. Use this tutorial to turn into Twisty the Clown...

    View this video on YouTube

    Pink Stylist / Via

    ...but don't expect to look in the mirror without peeing your pants.

    4. Print and hang creepy vintage circus photos.

    The scariest Google search you'll ever make.

    5. Display a sign like this, so friends know what they’re in for.

    6. Hire a sword swallower to put everyone on edge. / Via

    Or a contortionist. Or a fire breather. Or a psychic. has tons of freakishly good entertainment options.

    7. Build a vintage ticket booth to set the scene.

    Terrifyingly easy DIY tutorial here.

    8. Upgrade your balloon game.

    View this video on YouTube

    Thread Banger / Via

    This spider balloon DIY will make your skin crawl.

    Blood spatters are a nice touch.

    9. Create a photo booth with a circus tent backdrop.

    Hang striped fabric for an easy photo op.

    10. Don't forget the props!

    Make your own out of card-stock, or buy them from Etsy.

    11. Serve up some finger food.

    12. Throw some surprises in the popcorn.

    It's a choc-aroach infestation! Check out the simple recipe.

    13. Quench thirst with a tasty bowl full of “Satan’s Circus.” / Via

    Devilishly good. Here's how to whip it up.

    14. No AHS Halloween party is complete without a Jessica Lange pumpkin / Via

    Print your stencil here.

    15. Candy apples are cool - blood covered apples are better. / Via Instagram: @gigmasters

    Click here for the tutorial.

    16. Make or rent some classic carnival games.

    17. Label your poisons with free printables.