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    15 Occasions You Just Shouldn’t Selfie

    2014 is the year of the selfie. But, there are some occasions when you just have to say no to the front-facing camera.

    1. House Fire

    Google Images / Via

    What ever happened to stop, drop and roll?

    2. Sporting Events / Via

    Turn your focus to the camera and risk being roadkill – use this Tour de France spectator as an example.

    3. Plane Ride

    Instagram User / Via Instagram: @lukehasson99

    Chances are the stranger in 32A doesn’t want to be in your Instagram photo.

    4. Plane Crash

    Google Images / Via

    While we hope you never come across this scary situation, we also hope you never selfie it.

    5. Running With Bulls


    The worst attempt at a photo ever, no bull.

    6. Driving

    Google Images / Via

    Never put your life or the lives of others at risk for a photo op.

    7. Getting Pulled Over

    Google Images / Via

    We wonder if a selfie-while-driving led to this…

    8. Hospital Stay


    Terrible fluorescent lighting is just one reason why this is a bad idea. (Take note, Biebs)

    9. Petting Zoo


    Uh oh, guess what day it is! GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS! It's the day you learn not to take a selfie around wild animals!

    10. Wedding Ceremony (as a participant)


    You hired a photographer for a reason! (And if you didn’t, we could have helped).

    11. Using the Bathroom

    If you really dare to see this picture, click here

    12. During a Tornado


    This generation definitely isn’t in Kansas anymore

    13. Graduation


    Nothing says “I’m a mature adult who intelligently earned this degree!” by interrupting the procession for a photo-op.

    14. Any Time You're the President


    15. Especially At A Funeral


    Who would've thought we'd have a picture that fell under both of these rules? Sorry, POTUS, but the only time a selfie is okay is if it's on a piece of currency.

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