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    15 Seriously Creative Proposal Ideas

    Just when you thought your proposal was special, BAM- you get hit with this list of seriously cute and creative ways people have popped the question.

    1. Coke Bottles

    2. Pictionary Perfect

    3. Coffee Art

    4. 4 Magic Words

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    Magician Chris Anthony performed the most engaging magic trick we've ever seen.

    5. Making a Splash

    6. A Corny Message

    7. It's a Ring, Harry!

    8. Angry Birds, Happy Fiancee

    9. Movie-worthy Proposal

    10. Written in the Cars

    11. Inspired by Up

    12. Say Cheese, then "Yes!"

    13. College Dorm Creativity

    14. Fin-tastic Idea

    15. The Most Pinteresting Proposal Yet