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Which NYC HS Should You Go To?

Beacon, Bard, Stuy, bk Tech, or Lag?

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  1. What one word describes you best?

    Hard working
    Umm chill?
    One word isn't enough. I'm deticated, loyal, and devoted.
  2. Opinions on drugs?

    Smoke weed everyday, pop xans, don't forget bogies
    Smoke occasionally
    Pop addy to focus, and I smoke weed. You could say I'm a rebel
    Drink and smoke at frees, juul constantly, but u know that if u have me on snapchat. Btw wanna buy an oil pen?
    Drugs interfere with my grades. *goes on bender that night*
  3. What's your favorite place to eat?

    Trendy desert places in chinatown
    Any caffe where I can get a good Latte
    My friends house
    Stickys chickey YERD the whole squads here
  4. Who's in the gang?

    The boyzzzzzzz we grind together and we party together
    The girlssss were cute asf and have lots of drama
    Lots of different ppl
    A collection of the coolest kids in NYC fuck with us and you we'll fucj with you
    Anyone in the grade who parties and is chill!
  5. Ideal party?

    Mellow rooftop free
    Some insane nj shit where I do cocaine
    Beer pong, friends, dancing, and my jams
    My parents have parties and they give me wine!
  6. Who do you fall for?

    Sexy skater boys/model types
    Anyone nice and cool
    Someone hot. They have to be hot.
    A cutie who likes poetry
    Rly tryin to Mack on That smart junior in my math class
  7. How do you handle hw?

    Pull an all nighter if I need to
    Justs don't do it
    Procrastinate and bitch on my finsta
    Do it during afterschool, class, on the train, my time is valuable and limited gotta make it work
    Have a study sesh with pals!
  8. Ideal vacation?

    Habitat for humanity or a friends country house sounds nice
    To my home country to visit fam
    I don't have time for travel. Wait, will it look good for college?
    Some crazy shit like Mozambique or Singapore where I can snorkel and go clubbing
    Standard Europe tour again or Barbados I guess
  9. How do you get to school?

    Bus lol I live in queens
    F/g bk gang
    1/2/3/a/c/r/w I make the journey
    Uber from my dads acc
  10. How many parties do you go to in a month?

    Me and the boys smoke and play call of duty on fridays does that count?
    Says 4-6, but really one
    Actually 4-6
    2 raves, 1 college party, 3 HS frees in subway tunnels, and yeah I still have a 4.0 gpa
    That's not really my scene. Plus, wine and pincnic is better anyways

Which NYC HS Should You Go To?

You got: Beacon HS

You are a socialite and and smart on at that! U shallow as fuck but school is a breeze if u work at it. You enjoy spending time with your many friends. You are either really popular and a social climber, or emo bc you aren't like that. Being normal is cool. You are ambitious, good at English, and interested in the world. You party on the weekends, and make sure everybody knows it! *says they recongnize their privilege but really doesnt*

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You got: Bard Manhattan

U are nice and intellectual as hell. You spend time in cafes on the LES probably talking about philosophy and literature. You occasionally smoke but it's not important, you can have fun without drugs! You might be bi, but it doesn't even matter, sexuality is fluid! You play a non sport, and take pics with your cat. You also super liberal #imwithher

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You got: Brooklyn Texhnical HS

You think you are a failure for not getting into stuy, but hide it by saying you loooove tech!! The engineering program is so cool! You work extremely hard to get good grades, and probably still smoke in prospect park #8thgradesheganigans. You're funny though, and have a squad to chill with. Your ultimate goal is for a teacher to remembeR your name!

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You got: Stuvestant

U are either brilliant, or insanely hardworking. Either way, you are never satisfied with your work or life. You are in 1,000 extracurriculars, and have friends in all of them. If you don't go to an Ivy League college did you even go to college?! You seem super sweet, but there is a crazy side to you. This can come out as a drinking habit, a crazy drug/crime lifestyle, or origami club and coding.

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You got: Laguardia

U chill asf. You smoke afterschool with your cool squad feeling cool because you are cool. You are a super talented musician, artist, or actor, but you most likely skip those classes to smoke. The great lawn is where it's at, and frees are a normal thing. Wearing camo and weird rings isn't enough, you have to take pics of them ofc!

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