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Which Member oF The Family Are You?

Yo yo yo It's dropping! The one you've all been waiting for!!

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  1. Favorite food?

    DARK DARK chocolate (Jacques Torres preferably)
    Fish and potatos! I chose that for my birthday dinner!
    dumplings! Chinese! Indian! Mexican!
    Lamb shishkebab maybe? I can't really decide
  2. What's your style?

    Flowered skirts and plain tops
    Cut off jorts and starwars shirts YERD
    Suits and loafers bc I'm classy and preppy
    Pretty average teen clothes
  3. Where do you shop?

    Urban outfitters uniqlo l train?
    I signed up for an online company that sends me trunks of clothes to try on. Including shoes!
    Uh mostly my cousins closet or wherever mom buys me stuff
    Shopping exhausts me
  4. Who are your friends?

    A ragtag crew of nerds and geeks
    A squad with drama that you high key hate
    The chilliest people in NYC just trying to have a good time
    Work friends and close running buddies
  5. What do you wanna be when you grow up?

    A scholar *pushes up glasses*
    No clue. Something really interesting though
    Something that incorporates my artistic talent and my intellect
    I want to help and teach lost kids
  6. What music do you listen to?

    I just discovered 21 pilots! I also enjoy Geronimo Stilton audiobooks!!
    The beatles and rap and classic
    80s stuff and the beatles and they might be giants hehe
    I have no music taste I like podcasts
  7. What does your room look like?

    Clean as fuck
    Messy as fuck
    Well my college dorm was a shit hole filled with crap ahhh
  8. What is your ideal vacation?

    Some place in Asia with fantastic relics and historical context and did I mention Asia? It should be in asia
    Somewhere with amazing nature and different culture
    Perhaps Europe? Anywhere relaxing where I can be with my family
    Staying Home. Do we haaaave to go?
  9. Favorite movie/TV show?

    Parks and rec but I'd rather play mine craft
    Girls? Also love the wire
    Gory and creepy sci fi thrillers at 1am while the fam is sleeping
    30 rock hands down (FINISH IT ASTRID)
  10. What are your siblings like?

    lol he may be clinically insane but he's hilarious! Love him! We're actually pretty similar
    He's a nerd but love him
    I tell them EVERYTHING. I mean EVERYTHING. We're very close and laugh a lot. I'm the least chill one
    She's mean to me but I love her so much
    This is a weird glitch they made me put a 5th answer
  11. One word to describe you?

    Put together

Which Member oF The Family Are You?

You got: Milo

You are an introvert for sure. You love mine craft, hate the outdoors and any sort of physical activity, and are all about comfort. You are really smart, artistically talented, and have a few close friends. *goes to Indonesia and only eats club sandwiches*

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You got: Jonathan

Your the dad. You work hard, tell dumb jokes, and are very philosophical. You care a lot about your family and friends, and make everybody laugh. You like to drink and have a good time but also spend late nights up working. *talks about bhuddism for 8 hours*

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You got: Heather

You organized as F*CK. Yeah you have a calendar, in fact you have two! You're caring, kind, and compassionate. You love chocolate, and are somewhat of a workaholic. You love shitty TV shows to "numb your brain" and get very cranky when tired. *loves hazel even though she is a terrifying demon*

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You got: Etta

JACKPOT!! if you got etta, you rock! You are the bomb! Fuck it upppp. You party, have friends, and have a great time. You are very unorganized, get good grades, and have great friends. You love the city, and having adventures (especially with astrid). *names this acc cowpiggy without any outside influence*

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