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    Happy 40th Birthday Coventry Ring Road!

    We're celebrating the 40th birthday of the Coventry Ring Road with 40 facts.


    It's 2.25 miles or 3.62km long and has nine junctions.


    Our Ring Road has been called disorientating and terrifying but it's one of the safest roads in the city.


    Our Ring Road was designed by the then Coventry Corporation's own engineers.


    Photo courtesy of Galliford Try

    Construction of the Ring Road began in the late 1950s.


    The Ring Road is the busiest road in the city not counting the A45 and A46.


    All of the Ring Road junctions except one are separated from the main loop. Junction 1 is the only traffic island on the loop.


    Ring Road junctions are extremely close together and one leads into another at many points.


    The first stretch of the Ring Road was opened in 1962.


    The Ring Road was completed 30 years after the initial plans were drawn up.


    The Ring Road design has been tattooed on the chest of a Coventry man.


    Even though they're commonly named after the streets off them, the Ring Road junctions are all numbered.


    Our Ring Road was built in six stages.


    Photo courtesy of Galliford Try

    Four of the Ring Road stages were built in four years, leaving the final two stages to be completed in eight years.

    14. The Rules of the Coventry Ring Road

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    David Goody website:

    Songs have been written about our Ring Road and tutorials posted on YouTube about how to drive it.


    At least one driver has accidently driven around our Ring Road the wrong way!

    16. About the work at Junction 6

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    Coventry City Council / Via

    The work underway on Junction 6 is the first major change since our Ring Road was built.


    The speed limit on the Ring Road is 40mph – on the slips and the main loop.


    Our Ring Road only gained junction numbers towards the end of the 1980s.


    An early plan for the Ring Road included going around the railway station – this was later shelved.

    20. Junction 7 car park

    Early plans were for the raised sections of our Ring Road to link to rooftop car parks. In the end parking went underneath.


    Originally Coventry was meant to have three ring roads – one a mile further out and a by-pass on the edge.


    Over 700 houses were bulldozed to make way for the Ring Road.


    The Ring Road's official road number is A4053.


    Not many people call our Ring Road the A4053 and it only appears on one sign – at Junction 4.


    A short section between Junctions 4 and 5 of the Ring Road is the only stretch where you turn left, clockwise, for a while.


    The correct way to drive on the Ring Road is to stay in the right hand lane unless you're about to exit.


    The different sections are called 'Ringways' but the road is always the Ring Road.


    Engineers planning our Ring Road pioneered the use of computer based traffic modelling in the UK.


    The original Ring Road plan had parkland and cycle paths on each side of a dual carriageway.


    There are lay-bys on the underpasses of the Ring Road.


    Ring Road junction numbers are unusually signposted in white on red, not white on black.


    It takes roughly three and a half minutes to drive around the Ring Road.


    Photo courtesy of Galliford Try

    The Ring Road contains 1,476 beams.


    When the last beam was put on the Ring Road in 1969 all the workers were given a bottle of beer to celebrate.


    There is an average of just 430 yards between junctions on the Ring Road.


    It's official – more Coventry people love it our Ring Road than love to hate it.


    Under road heating was installed on the first sections of the Ring Road - but this was quickly abandoned due to cost!


    Studies of traffic flows on the Ring Road led to the introduction of variable speed limits on motorways.


    There are 150 lighting columns on the Ring Road - including 29 high masts at 35 metres tall.


    The Ring Road took over 12 years to complete with the last section opened 40 years ago today (19 September).

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