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10 Things That Happens When Its Snows In England

You know its true guys..

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1. Well you have to take a photo to post on social media. No one will believe you otherwise, duh.

2. Everyone immediately becomes a weather man/woman. 'I heard its coming in from the east, did you see the Met office warnings?'

3. The panic shopping. It's like nobody will ever see bread again!

4. The rest of the world having a laugh about how unequipped we are to handle 3 inches of snow.. (face palm)

5. The snowman attempts.. Size isn't everything guys.

6. Everyone is wishing their school or work might close for few days..

7. But most importantly the amazing emergency services will still go to work no matter what!

8. And the public will do everything they can to support them!

9. Plus we do get to have some fun!

10. And then the snow disappears practically overnight and we go back to life as we know it!

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