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17 Thoughts Every Postgraduate Student Has

You're back for another round of tertiary education, and this time it's personal.

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1. "Undergrads are actual babies."

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They all look like primary school kids on their first day. Bless their little cotton socks – they're not jaded...yet.

2. "Anyone who complains their bachelors degree is too hard can sit down."

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Please talk to me when you have 70% of the weight of your subject due within the space of two weeks.

3. "Wait, why are all my classes on at night?"

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Does this uni think that all postgrads already have full-time jobs?

4. "What do you mean I can't be in here at 2am?"

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Do you *know* how much money I am paying for this degree?

5. "I wonder how much my uni debt is going to be after this..."

Cartoon Network / Via don't think about that.

6. "This is just like undergrad...except harder and more terrifying"

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Seriously undergrads, you don't know how good you've got it.

7. "Does my lecturer not think I have a life outside uni?"

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Ok so I need to do this assignment, and then that one, and this other thing, and somehow find time to work and pay rent and bills and oh god.

8. "I have no idea what I'm reading for this lecture."

Channel 4/BBC / Via

Really, nothing has changed since my last degree.

9. "I will be proactive with this assignment."

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Suddenly it's the night before deadline and you're proving that you can still write 3000 words in 12 hours.

10. "Why is everyone so loud?"

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Everywhere you go to study, there are other students being loud. EVERYWHERE.

11. "Why did I inflict this upon myself?"

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Because postgraduate study is all *your* doing. Your parents aren't going to be disappointed in you for not doing it. You have brought this upon yourself and you kinda hate past-you.

12. "When I finish this, I actually have to get a real job."

FX / Via

A real, adult job. Because there is no way that you are putting a doctorate on your mountain of debt.

13. "I wonder how many coffees in one day is considered bad for my health..."

FOX / Via

Three? Four? When was the last time you slept?

14. "If I have to be here all day studying, then have class till 8pm, I am having a beer."

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If there's one thing you've learned, it's justifying your drinking habits.

15. "This five thousand word count is going to be so easy to reach."

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Pretty much a thought you never ever thought you would have.

16. "Oh my god I'm so close to the end..."

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You plan on having 100 hours sleep and the same amount of celebratory drinks.

17. "I wonder what a doctorate would be like..."

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But your name would look cool with 'Dr' in front of it...

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