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Wedding Remixes

Apparently this decade is the time to reboot and revamp. From music to television, the world is reliving past decades in the best way possible. You can take the same approach with your wedding day!

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Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond rings are without a doubt a gorgeous statement of your future union. Tattoos are an equally gorgeous statement, that you have a slim chance of losing. If ink isn't your thing (And you aren't born in April), consider a ring featuring your birthstone in lieu of the traditional diamond.

No Seeing the Bride Before the Wedding

Superstitions call for grooms not to see brides before they are married. Tales say this was due to arranged marriages, and the fear of a groom running away from a less than handsome bride. Today, brides and grooms know exactly who they are planning to spend their lives with. As to not part too far from tradition, couples are opting for First Look opportunities, giving grooms a one on one first view of their bride.

White Wedding Dress

Over 90% of brides still elect white or off-white dresses for their wedding day. If you want to veer away from the standard a beautiful blush, picture perfect platinum, or intriguing ivory are ideal color choices.

No One Else In White

Queen Victoria originated the bride in white trend, in the 1800's. Brides have since then, chosen to stand out in white. BUT white weddings are creeping up on us all. IMO, if it's good enough for the Knowles clan it's #TrendApproved!

A Wedding Veil

Once upon a time, veils were adorned to shield bad spirits. Now, they're an expected wedding fashion statement. If you're not keen on a net trailing behind you, opt for a chic hat to accessorize your bridal gown.

Matching Bridesmaids Dresses

Picture perfect matching bridesmaids gowns are becoming a thing of yesteryear. Convertible dresses are an easy way to keep your girls in one color, but still allow them creativity, while not looking like they belong a 60's girls group.

Guest Book

Traditional guest books are a great way to keep track of who attended your wedding, and give guests something to do while waiting on activities to begin. To keep this keepsake alive, decide on a unique alternative. If you have a theme, your guest book is a great way to enhance it. A sports themed wedding can call for jerseys being used as a guest book. Or, if you and your betrothed are into brain games, your guests can sign pieces of a large puzzle, and you can put the puzzle together on your first anniversary.

Church Ceremony

Weddings are a commitment between a couple, and usually a higher being. It seems only befitting to marry in a religious space. However, if you want to slightly deviate from tradition, host your dream wedding in your ideal venue, and have your family religious leader officiate the ceremony.

Wagner's Bridal Chorus

The chords are familiar to all. However, Wagner's Bridal Chorus is not mandatory for your wedding! Reboot the ballad by selecting a jazz version. Or, do away with tradition completely, and choose songs that are meaningful to you.

Unity Candle

Unity ceremonies are a nice touch to weddings. You have a keepsake from your ceremony, and you can share an extra moment of bonding as husband and wife. The unity candle can be rebooted in many ways. Couples are choosing sand ceremonies, tying lassos, and incorporating their love for wine. The unity ceremony is an opportunity to bring in a bit of your personality, as a couple, to your wedding ceremony.

Receiving Line

Have you ever attended a wedding with a formal receiving line?! I do not believe that I have, but there are couples that still uphold the tradition. Rather than line up family and bridal party members to greet guests, a bride and groom can have their own moment to greet guests throughout the evening but visiting each table.

Formal Programs and Menus

Most people see no purpose of a wedding program or menu. If you would like to provide your guests with an outline for the day, have your programs and menus do double duty, and print them on fans or something useful for the day.

Groom's Cake

A groom's cake is an expression of the groom. It's a nod to his personality. But what if your guy doesn't like sweets?! Give him what he wants, like a cigar bar, whiskey bar, or combination of both. The photo opportunities will be equally as fabulous as a second cake cutting moment!

Bouquet & Garter Toss

Single people DREAD the bouquet and garter toss. Spice it up for your friends! Instead of a bouquet or garter, gather the guys AND gals and toss a couple of footballs! If singling out single guests is something you want to completely avoid, invite all married couples to the dance floor for an anniversary dance!

Wedding Favors

Some people appreciate favors to take home after a wedding. Even more appreciate when brides and grooms use favors as an opportunity to make guests comfortable. From fans and water bottles on a humid summer day, to hand warmers and blankets during the middle of winter, or something as simple as flip flops during the reception- usable favors are the way to reboot and wow!

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