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The Number 6 And Your Bridal Party

Your bridal party is the Who's Who in your circle of friends. According to Numerology studies, the number 6 is considered the most harmonious of all single-digit numbers. When planning a wedding you will need every ounce of harmony that you can find!

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6 Years Old


Ringbearers and flower girls are sometimes the highlight of a wedding ceremony. They can be total show stealers. To eliminate any cringe worthy moments from these cool kids, I recommend 6 years old as an ideal age for your mini hype team.

The average six year old has already completed a year of elementary school. They are used to listening and taking direction, and this will be a blessing in what can be a chaotic day. Younger than six and you risk tantrums, "accidents," and many other unexpected surprises. Granted some of these surprises lead to adorably awesome memories, so be sure to expect the unexpected with your mini bridal party team!

6 Bridal Party Members- TOTAL / Via

3 for the bride, and 3 for the groom. This one is totally subjective, but a small bridal party is an easy bridal party! You have fewer people to get on one accord, fewer costs to cover, and you can ensure that those chosen few are your truest and best friends.

1...For Every 15(Ish)


You want your bridal party to match your wedding size. So if you have 6 total bridal party members, and 2 minis, an ideal number of wedding guests would be 120.

Imagine the bridal party of 20 pictured above, for a wedding of 75. Over 26% of your wedding guests would be apart of your bridal party!

On the other hand, 4 bridal party members would also be small for a wedding of 200.

6 Bridal Party Costs To Account For


For the Bridal Party Members

* Wedding Day Outfits & Accessories

* Expenses incurred for additional parties and/or showers

* Travel Expenses, if from out of town

For the Bride & Groom

* Invitation/event to join the bridal party

* Any costs associated with the wedding (Floral, transportation, and if you're a generous bride- hair and/or makeup)

* Gifts of appreciation

6 Ways to Incorporate Other Friends and Family Members


As a part of the ceremony (Officiant, Soloist, Reader, Escort)

As an assistant to bride and groom (Attendants; Gift, Guest Book, Venue Guide, etc)

As an assistant to guests (Ushers; Seat guests for the ceremony and direct them during the reception)

As a part of the reception (Emcee, soloist, prayer)

Those that cannot speak (Using babies and pets as ringbearers or bridal pages)

Revamp a traditional role (See Flower Grandpa)

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