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How To Splurge Appropriately On Your Wedding

While most wedding enthusiasts focus on how to budget and save for your wedding, use this mini guide to go for the right big ticket wedding items!

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Your Wedding Day Glam


Since it's likely that you'll only have one big wedding day, if you want to splurge on your appearance there are many ways to do so!

* Have outfit changes- One look for the ceremony ceremony, one for reception, and one for depature, or however many you and a stylist can dream up.

* Go completely designer, head to toe

* If you want to ensure that you and your bridal entourage are all completely in sync, provide your bridal party with their wardrobe and/or hair & makeup

Bust Your Venue Budget


There are venues that offer linen, chairs, tables, tableware, and more in their rental fee. However, most charge you for everything separately. If you choose to get the most out of your venue, make sure you do it right.

* Purchase a flower wall or other grandeur life sized decor that the venue suggests

* Opt for the extravagant linen, glassware, cutlery, etc

* Obtain "exclusive use" for your wedding. Rent out the entire facility for your wedding day, and eliminate the possibility of another wedding or event happening on the same day

Fancy Stationary Items


People are doing away with paper items for their weddings. However, this splurge will allow for mementos that can be saved, and the costs won't necessarily be in vain.

* Go all out with your wedding announcement, and provide everyone that you know with a copy of your photos

* Customize your wedding with themed invitations, save the dates, programs, and menus, like the puzzle shown above

* Think of a creative interactive guest book idea, that will provide your guests with a small mini activity also. Think life-sized Jenga pieces, or autographed vinyl!

Eat, Drink, and Be Married

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Your food and beverage needs usually eat a big portion of your wedding budget. If you're a "foodie" or plan on a long day, offer your guests canapés (Fancy word for snacks), and apéritifs (Fancy word for drinks) throughout the day.

* Offer fruit and beverages served before the ceremony

* Provide a dual entree plated dinner service, rather than a buffet or traditional "chicken or fish" dinner option

* Let the late night snack(s) flow and line your venue with food trucks



72% of all brides say they would have spent more time choosing their reception entertainment. Provide your guests with a variety of entertainment options.

* Dj, with photo booth for guests' entertainment, fog for your first dance, wind for your bridal entrance, lighting to keep the party going, etc

* Band featuring your all time favorite singer

* Dancers, aerialists, or whatever type of performers that your heart desires

Making Guests Feel At Home


You may have friends and family traveling from afar to attend your wedding. What better way to splurge than to take care of them while they're in town

* Taking care of guests' transportation from the hotel is a nice way to make them feel appreciated, and this could be as simple as utilizing the hotel's shuttle service, or renting a fleet of party busses and limos

* Providing lodging for guests is a really nice gesture for your guests, and offering them a selection of "Things to Do" while they're in your town is a nice added touch as well

* Gifts for your out of town guests can end with their favors at the wedding, OR you can treat everyone to a welcome package created to your liking

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