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DESTINED...for A Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is considered to be a wedding that will take place more than 100 miles from the bride's home.

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An Element of Unknown

By hosting a destination wedding, you may find yourself in a new place that you do not know anything about. Maybe the pure idea of a new location appealed to you, but you have never really visited the location. There will be many unknown factors to consider- The location's weather, the locals and their response to tourists, the economy, the location's ties with the US, the process of obtaining a marriage license etc. Before you blindly select a location, get as much pertinent information as you can to eliminate any surprises that you affect your wedding.

Remote Planning

If you are a very hands on bride, the idea of leaving wedding planning in the hands of someone already makes you cringe. In terms of a destination wedding not only is it likely that you will not meet this person, you may not get the advantage of seeing the space, tasting the food, or experiencing the vendors beforehand. Avoid planning a wedding that is not your vision by planning to visit your wedding venue at least once prior to your wedding, OR select vendors that you are familiar with, and are willing to make the trip to your wedding.

Limited Guest List

Unfortunately everyone may not be able to experience your destination nuptials. Some guests will not have the means to travel. Some guests may not be able to obtain a passport, if it is required. Some guests may have medical conditions that limit their travel. There may several unforeseen circumstances that will result in a very short guest list.



Begin Your Marriage With An Adventure

If you choose to host your wedding in a location that you or your future spouse have never visited you will have the opportunity to start your marriage with a completely new experience today. You two will be able to enjoy new cuisines, enjoy a new culture, and start your life together learning something new together.

Cost Effective

Destination weddings are typically hosted a one stop shop resorts. These resorts specialize in destination weddings and offer all inclusive packages. Brides are left with an opportunity to save money in the long run.

Instant Honeymoon

Since you are already away from home, you can start your honeymoon right after your I Dos! You're in a different location, and most likely the scenery will be romantic.

Unexpected Domestic Destination Weddings


The Dominican Republic, Tahiti, Italy, France, Mexico, and the Bahamas are all highly sought after international destination wedding locations. However, there are many locations in America that will make you feel as though you are truly in another world on your wedding day.

#1 Maui, HI


Hawaii provides some of the most breathtaking views on American soil. As several cities in Hawaii continue to top the list for desired honeymoon locations, why not get a head start on the vacation and host your wedding there?

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