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Building Your Dream Bridal Entourage

As tradition stands, a bride and groom are expected to have a bridal party for their wedding. Close friends and/or family members that are the members usually make up these wedding entourages. So what do all of these titles mean? Here is a guide to building your dream bridal party, and having the support that you need on your wedding day.

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Selecting the Team

All of these people (In some combination or another) will be FRONT and CENTER as you prepare to say your I Do's! How do you choose the perfect group, without offending anyone, and allowing for a truly special day?

Here is great guide for selecting the right people to be in your bridal party

Groomsmen & Bridesmaids

This group will be a select group of family and friends that you and your fiance know will be along for the ride of planning a wedding. These are the people that are going to line the aisle as you are introduced as bride and groom for the first time, and they stand right by your side as you take your vows. Do you want a fun group or more serious friends? Do you want an interconnected clique, or a few favorite people from every walk of your life? This all depends on you and your future spouse.

When asking someone to join your bridal party, do not forget to take their personal lives into consideration. There are MANY costs associated with being a part of a bridal party, and those costs increase when your friends are long distance. Even though someone may be really flattered to be apart of your wedding entourage, be okay with the fact that some may not be able to afford the title.

The Bride's Go To Team

The bride will have a maid or matron of honor to help her out on her wedding day. For those that are unfamiliar a maid of honor is an unmarried leading lady, while a matron of honor is married. A maid/matron of honor seemingly has a bit more responsibility than a best man. She comes out right before the bride, holds her flowers during the ceremony, fluffs the bride's dress, makes a speech during the reception, acts as a point of contact for vendors, and kind of keeps the rest of the bridal party in line. This gal is throwing bridal showers, coordinating bachelorette parties, all while keeping her bestie sane.

Maybe a bride selects a man to take on the role. A Man of Honor or Bridesman can do everything, just as a maid of honor would.

I do...but not without you!

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If you have an uneven number of friends or relatives, or someone near and dear to you that cannot financially commit to being a member of the bridal party, offer them one of the following duties.

Mini BP Members- Flowergirls, ringbearers, junior bridesmaids, and groomsmen are all good titles for the younger special people in your lives.

Soloists- Perfect if you know someone that sings well or plays an instrument. This person can offer a selection during the ceremony as a part of a unity ceremony, or during the reception. They can perform for your bridal entrance, or even your first dance.

Readers- If you have scripture readings that you would like to be used, or if you have a poet friend that can write a special piece for your special day

Ushers- These guys and gals can assist unescorted guests to their seats for the ceremony and the reception, if there are seat assignments.

Attendants- This is perfect for a guest that loves to chat. He/She can direct guests to the gift table, the guest book, or restrooms.

Officiant- This title works well for someone that REALLY knows the bride and groom. Although he/she would have to be licensed (the process is very simple) to legally take on this task, he/she can make your wedding very special and unique.

Bride's Escort- If a bride's dad is no longer around, or unavailable to escort a bride down the aisle, another important male can fill this role. Brides can even ask their mom to fulfill this honored duty, or anyone is a good shoulder to lean on, literally.

For anyone that you ask to be a part of your wedding, it is always a nice gesture to provide them with a gift, or even a unique invitation to join your wedding entourage. The following are just ideas, but please get as creative as you would like!

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