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Bride Trumps All!

The phrase, "Happy Wife, Happy Life," is most true when planning a wedding.

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Who Pays?!


According to tradition the bride's family typically covers the following:

* The ceremony location

* Floral arrangements and additional decor

* Wedding photography & videography

* Reception food

* Stationary items, and

* Transportation for the day

With that the groom's family was expected to cover the following:

* Marriage license and officiant fees

* The reception entertainment and liquor, and

* The honeymoon

These lists are not inclusive

Bye Bye Tradition! / Via

Kiss tradition goodbye! With the average American wedding exceeding $30,000, couples today are having the control that brides and grooms of yesteryear did not have, in terms of wedding planning. Long gone are the days of parents wanting to invite every family member or church member to their child's wedding, or having their say in every aspect of their child's wedding.

Brides and grooms are truly able to have the wedding of their dreams, because it is all on their dime!

What Brides Really Want / Via

Below is a list of items that brides have deemed as important for their wedding day:

* Being relaxed

* Her dress

* Her make up

* Her hair

* Her nails

* Perfect photos

* Her dinner and food during the reception

* The party/music during the reception

* Her feet not hurting

* Not falling at anytime during the day

* Not getting too drunk

* Her family being happy

* Her guests loving every aspect of her wedding

* Looking amazing all day

* No one outshining her


The costs of making a bride happy: As much as the groom will agree to pay!

What Grooms Really Want

Guys had a similar list (Including not running out of food or liquor, and anything related to the honeymoon), but unlike the brides the one aspect that all grooms deem as important is ENSURING THAT HIS BRIDE IS HAPPY!

The costs of making a groom happy: A happy bride!

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