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8 Great Wedding Planning Tips

Tis the season to congratulate you on a happy engagement!

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On the first day of wedding planning...


Create a wedding email! This email will prevent your personal and work email accounts from an ambush of wedding emails! Also, after you're married your wedding email can be used for managing household bills and accounts.

8 Budget Choices!


There are eight ways that you can expect to cover your wedding costs:

* Savings

* Save Up Each Month and Pay During The Process

* Obtain and Use Credit

* Bride's Parents

* Groom's Parents

* Both Sets of Parents

* Combination of Couple and Parents

* A Combination of ALL of the Above

Your wedding style, and the control that you want over you wedding may play a huge factor in how you cover the costs. If you plan to have complete control over wedding planning seeking financial assistance from your parents may backfire. Some parents feel if they are contributing they have a say in wedding plans. However, if you and your groom plan to cover all of your wedding expenses, you can plan your ideal wedding and not feel guilty about ignoring the advice of your parental units, because you're footing the bill!

$80 Per Guest

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Expect to spend about $80, in terms of direct costs, for each guest that you plan to attend your wedding.

The average plate of food costs $30 per person

Average beverage costs per person $22

Approximate table design for each guest $15

Average miscellaneous costs (Favors, photobooths, etc) $13

Remember- these costs do not account for other wedding expenses that do not directly affect guests, such as the bride's dress!

A budget by any other name would cost just as much!

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What exactly should your budget cover?

Often times brides and grooms budget and think venue, catering, and photographer, and forget about paying for a slew of other expenses.

You have to consider eight major wedding costs:

* Overall styling; Your dress, shoes, jewelry, hair, makeup, and the groom's tux, shoes, and hair

* The venue; Venue's rental fee, chairs, tables, linen, and staff

* Catering; Food, beverages, cake, tableware, glassware, and staff

* Entertainment; Photography, videography, photobooth, dj, band, or any forms of entertainment for your guests

* The ceremony; Wedding officiant, license, ceremony decor (Including bridal party bouquets & boutonnieres), and a day of wedding coordinator

* Transportation & lodging; You may elect to spend the night away from each other if you already live together, or you may want a mini staycation following your nuptials, and don't forget to arrange for transportation for either scenario

* Decor; Reception florals, candles, custom linen, and any other personal touches

* Bridal party needs; Favors for bridesmaids and groomsmen, make up and hair for the bridesmaids if you choose to cover those costs. Flower girl baskets & ringbearer pillows, or any other miscellaneous costs for your bridal party

*BUDGET TRICK* When discussing your budget with vendors, underquote by 8%. For example, if you have a $2,000 entertainment budget, make $1840 your limit. Slight savings can help offset other costs, if needed! Any extra funds left can be used to additional staff gratuities, or you can simply save the extra money.

8 Ways To Save


* Utilize one space for both the ceremony and reception

* Forego traditional buffet and open bar food and beverage services, in favor of action stations and a signature drink with a few beer and wine selections

* Fake the cake- Opt for an elaborate display cake and have a sheet cake for guests to eat

* Focus on ONE vendor to splurge on. Focus on THE most important aspect of your day, and make sure that you have a quality vendor in that area. For every bride and groom this answer will vary.

* Consider floral alternatives. Candles are a GREAT way to create a romantic feel and not miss flowers.

* Forego programs, menus, favors- anything that guests will throw away

* Downsize, or eliminate the bridal party. This can save on bouquets and boutonnieres, gifts for your friends, accessories, and even time spent on your post ceremony photos.


An Ideal Wedding Guest

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The more guests you invite, the more expensive your wedding becomes. Ensure that you invite people that are ideal for your day. If you can check off every item below, you may just have an ideal guest!

* Knows BOTH the bride and groom

* Communicates with either the bride or groom frequently, and not just on holidays

* Will make for a GREAT party guest

* Will be truly missed if they cannot attend the wedding

* Would invite the bride and groom to their wedding

* Would truly appreciate a wedding invitation

*Would not miss this wedding for anything in the world

* Is truly happy for the couple's impending marriage

Roll Out Groups of Eight

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A standard reception table seats 8 guests comfortably. Plan your guest list in groups of 8, it'll make for easier seating chart planning further down the line!

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After all of the planning is done and your wedding day has arrived, relish in the fact that you are marrying the love of your life! Remain true to yourselves and present a day that is full of love and a pure reflection of both of you.

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