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2017 Music Challenge...#WeddingStyle

30 day song challenge featuring love, or relationship songs to set the mood at your wedding!

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*Some challenges have been edited* Click on the links provided to hear a snippet, or watch videos for the songs featured!

*Some challenges have been edited* Click on the links provided to hear a snippet, or watch videos for the songs featured!

Day 1- A Song With A Color In the Title

Green Light x John Legend Featuring Andre 3000

It looks like Chrissy gave her hubby the "Green Light" on the Oscars red carpet. With Andre 3000 adding to this hit from John Legend's third album, your wedding guests will enjoy starting the night off with a high energy song like this!

Give me the green light/Give me just one night/I’m ready to go right now

Day 2- A Song With A Number In The Title

A Thousand Years x Christina Perri

The Twilight Series has made this song a wedding MUST HAVE song since its release in 2011. Begin your wedding day off on a sentimental note with this song as a part of your processional.

Day 3- A Song That Is Reminiscent Of Summertime

Summer Nights x Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta

Teen love at its finest. Two vastly versions of one event. Tell me more, tell me more! While guests are enjoying cocktail hour, send them back to yesteryear with this sing along favorite.

Day 4- A Song That is Reminiscent of Someone You'd Rather Forget

Forget You x CeeLo Green

Pay homage to all of your exes and give them all the biggest middle finger by blasting this at your wedding. OR have your ex see all of the photos on social media and drive angrily with these lyrics in mind!

See you driving 'round town/With the girl I love and I'm like/Forget you

Day 5- A Song That Needs To Be Played Loudly

You Are The Best Thing x Ray LaMontagne

If you have seen I Love You, Man (Starring Paul Rudd & Jason Segel) or Bad Moms (Starring Mila Kunis & Kristen Bell) then you may have caught the sweet melodies of this modern wedding treasure. End your ceremony by having this cued up as you make your first kiss as man and wife.

And baby, the way you move me, it's crazy/It's like you see right through me
And make it easier/Believe me, you don't even have to try/Oh, because you are the best thing

Day 6- A Song That Makes You Want To Dance

I Wanna Dance Tonight x Lucy Pearl

Lucy Pearl was a short-lived R&B supergroup consisting of former Tony! Toni! Toné! member Raphael Saadiq, A Tribe Called Quest DJ and producer Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Dawn Robinson of En Vogue. Dance Tonight, their biggest hit also earned them a Grammy nod, and this track is sure to give you a few nods at your wedding. Ask your DJ to play this as guests are JUST finishing dinner, and ready to start the party.

Look what the cat hauled in/Me and a couple friends/Don't need to settle down/My body don't know how

Day 7- A Song To Drive To

The Night Time is the Right Time x Ray Charles

Margie Hendricks and Ray Charles Robinson created gold with this performance...but Rudith Lillian Huxtable bought the song to the masses with her interpretation on the Cosby Show. Imagine driving away from your wedding, with your hair blowing in the wind, being serenaded by Ray Charles and the Raelettes.

You know the night time, darling (Night and day)/Is the right time (Night and day)/To be (Night and day)/With the one you love, now

Day 8- A Song About Drugs Or Alcohol

Overdose x Jamie Foxx

From his 2008 Intuition album "Overdose" features deep piano melodies. It is a pretty great idea to think that someone loves you so much that they experience the effects of a drug overdose from your love. As the night is winding down, let this song guide you to your new spouse as you overdose on each other's love.

Cause I know that you would kill me/Cause I'm sweating, tweaking, feigning/Never been so hurt/But damn I love this feeling.

Day 9- A Song That Will Make You Happy

Don't Stop Believing x Journey

A wedding isn't a wedding until the song that has been coined as a "Perfect Rock Song" is thrown into the mix.

Strangers waiting/Up and down the boulevard/Their shadows searching in the night/Streetlight people/Living just to find emotion/Hiding somewhere in the night

Day 10- A Song That Will Make You Sad

I Will Always Love You x Whitney Houston

The best-selling single by a woman in music history was originally a commercial accomplishment for Dolly Parton. Almost 20 years after that initial success, Whitney Houston took the song back to the top of the charts, and she did it yet again in 2012 posthumously. After the party is over, and guests are leaving, allow them to leave with this melody in the background.

I hope life treats you kind/And I hope you have all you've dreamed of/And I wish you joy and happiness/But above all this I wish you love

Day 11- A Song That You Will Never Get Tired Of

Thinking Out Loud x Ed Sheeran

In June 2015, "Thinking Out Loud" became the first single to spend a full year in the UK top 40. Try your hand at choreography and duplicate this video as a treat for your guests during your reception.

People fall in love in mysterious ways/Maybe just the touch of a hand/Well me, I fall in love with you every single day/I just wanna tell you I am

Day 12- A Song From 2011

Sure Thing x Miguel

Fully of analogies, "Sure Thing" became one of Miguel's biggest selling hits. Sexy and sultry, this can be an unexpected selection for a garter toss.

Even when we're down to the wire baby/Even when it's do or die/We could do it baby, simple and plain/'Cause this love is a sure thing

Day 13- A Song From The 70s

Love Will Keep Us Together x Captain and Tenille

The best selling single of 1975, "Love Will Keep Us Together" is such a pure love song. Do you have a slideshow planned? This song will serve as a great soundtrack to your and your beloved memories.

Love, Love will keep us together/Think of me babe whenever/Some sweet talkin' girl comes along singin' his song/Don't mess around/You just got to be strong/Just Stop, 'cause I really love You/Stop, I'll be thinking of you/Look in my heart and let love keep us together

Day 14- A Song Perfect For A Wedding

Spend My Life With You x Eric Benet & Tamia

A classic duet of the 90s, this song features a magical blend of Eric Benet and Tamia. Do you have a couple of friends that could pull off this duet? If so, add them to your wedding program and enjoy a sweet selection on your special day.

Can I just see you every morning when I open my eyes/Can I just feel your heart beating beside me every night/Can we just feel this way together til the end of all time/Can I just spend my life with you

Day 15- A Song That Is A Cover By Another Artist

Is This Love x Allen Stone (Originally Sung by Bob Marley)

Self-coined "hippie with soul," Allen Stone uses his music as a social awareness platform. Although he has a musical catalog of own that speaks for itself, his cover of this Bob Marley hit is second to none! Planning a unity ceremony, this cover playing softly as the mini ceremony occurs would be a tearful moment for all.

I want to love you, and treat you right/I want to love you, every day and every night/We'll be together, with a roof right over our heads/We'll share the shelter, of my single bed/We'll share the same room, yeah! For Jah provide the bread/Is this love, is this love, is this love/Is this love that I'm feelin'?

Day 16- A Song From A Movie

I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing x Aerosmith (From "Armageddon")

1998 was a big year for Aerosmith as they had three singles on the Armageddon movie soundtrack. However, the definite break out song for the group was this power ballad! During your dinner, add this to must play list, and hope that no one sings along with a mouth full of food!

Don't want to close my eyes/I don't want to fall asleep/'Cause I'd miss you baby/And I don't want to miss a thing/'Cause even when I dream of you/The sweetest dream will never do/I'd still miss you baby/And I don't want to miss a thing

Day 17- A Song Featuring A Favorite Artist

Sweet Love x Anita Baker

Long before Beyonce' added her "Sweet Dreams Medley" to her I Am... Yours revue Anita Baker won two Grammys for her vocal slayage of this record. Set the mood for your day by playing this as you're getting ready with your wedding entourage.

With all my heart, I love you baby/Stay with me, and you will see my arms will hold you, baby/Never leave, 'cause I believe I'm in love/Sweet love hear me callin' out your name/I feel no shame; I'm in love/Sweet love, don't you ever go away
It'll always be this way

Day 18- A Song From The Year You Were Born

Here and Now x Luther Vandross (1989)

In 1989 a gallon of gas was $0.97, George Bush Sr. was elected President of the USA, When Harry Met Sally hit theatres, and Luther Vandross (AKA the Heavyweight of Soul) blessed us with "Here and Now", which earned him his first, and well overdue Grammy. Parents need love too, add this song to the processional playlist as they take their seats.

Here and now/I promise to love faithfully/You're all I need/Here and now/I vow to be one with thee/Your love is all I need

Day 19- A Song That Makes You Think About Life

You're Still the One x Shania Twain

Shania Twain's Come on Over album gave us classic 90s Shania, however You're Still the One, is still her biggest US hit to date. Plan for a moment, with just you and yours, and slow dance to this hit.

You're still the one I run to/The one that I belong to/You're still the one I want for life/You're still the one that I love/The only one I dream of/You're still the one I kiss good night

Day 20- A Song Reminiscent of Mothers

Mama x Boyz II Men

Serving as the theme of the 1997 hit movie, Soul Food, a Song for Mama has become the ultimate Mother/Son dance song. The group re-recorded the hit in 2011, for their tenth studio album.

There was so many times/Looking back when I was so afraid/And then you come to me and say to me/I can face anything/And no one else can do/What you have done for me/You'll always be, you will always be/The girl in my life

Day 21- A Song With A Person's Name In The Title

Jack and Diane x John Mellencamp

Although Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton are a pretty well known version of Jack and Diane, the 1982 rock song is always a fun song to get people out of their seats.

Jacky sits back, collects his thoughts for a moment/Scratches his head and does his best James Dean/"Well now then, there Diane, we ought to run off to the city"/Diane says, "Baby, you ain't missin' nothing"/Jacky says/Oh yeah, life goes on/Long after the thrill of livin' is gone

Day 22- A Song That Motivates

Love on Top x Beyonce

Upbeat and fun, Love on Top motivates you to want to really put your best foot forward on the dance floor, but most importantly in your relationship! Your bridal party needs something to make their entrance to, and let this one be it!

Baby, it's you, you're the one I love/You're the one I need, you're the only one I see/Come on, baby, it's you/You're the one that gives your all/You're the one I can always call/When I need you, make everything stop/Finally, you put my love on top

Day 23- A Song That Everyone Should Listen To

Love x Musiq Soulchild

It has been said that this song was originally written using the word God, in place of Love. Well, God is love, and either way the lyrics and melodies give chills! Imagine the look on everyone's face as you make your bridal entrance with this soulful anthem as your theme music.

Love, So many people use your name in vain/Love, Those who faith in you sometimes go astray/Love, Through all the ups and downs the joy and hurt
Love, For better or worse I still will choose you first

Day 24- A Song From A Group That Is No Longer Together

This Is For the Lover in You

From Soul Train dancers to pop stars, Howard Hewett, Jeffrey Daniel, and Jody Watley made beautiful music while together. However, in the end due to several disagreements Jody would ultimately by replaced. For a moment in the night that calls for something a bit more low key, have your DJ spin back this classic.

So this is for the lover in you/This ring means I'll always be true/This is how we'll start love anew/This time it's gonna last forever

Day 25- A Song By An Artist No Longer Living

Loving You x Minnie Ripperton

Five octaves and a whistle have not sounded as beautiful since the world lost the impeccable Minnie Ripperton. Her hit "Loving You" is a timeless wedding classic. To showcase the highlights of your wedding to friends and family members that could not make it, as your videographer to use this tune as your preferred audio track.

No one else can make me feel the colors that you bring/Stay with me while we grow old and we will live each day in springtime/Cause lovin' you is easy cause you're beautiful and every day of my life is filled with lovin' you/Lovin' you I see your soul come shinin' through and every time that we, ooh, I'm more in love with you

Day 26- A Song That Makes You Want To Fall In Love

Couple of Forevers x Chrisette Michele

Most recently, Chrisette Michele faced backlash for choosing to perform for our current President's inauguration. However, her talent is STILL untouched, and is highlighted perfectly in this ode to love. Make this selection the one you choose for your last dance at your reception. Linger in your lover's arms and reflect on the joy of the day and you prepare for the rest of your lives together.

It can get hard, damn it gets rough/It can get crazy but not for us/Guess we gotta struggle just to stay apart/Me and you are built like armor/Nothing can stop love from loving on us/And I'm not asking for much

Day 27- A Heartbreaking Song

We Belong Together x Mariah Carey

Billboard's "Song of the Decade," is a ballad full of emotion and power from songbird Mariah Carey. The play on words can take this song from heartbreaking to hopeful as you see your beloved as the ONLY ONE for you!

Who else am I gon' lean on when times get rough/Who’s going to talk to me on the phone 'til the sun comes up/Who’s going to take your place, there ain't nobody better/Oh, baby baby, we belong together

Day 28- A Song By An Artist With A Lovely Voice

You Stop My Heart x Melanie Fiona

Featured on her 2009 debut album this fun, retro influenced track promotes all that is great in love, and is great song play during a cake cutting or quirky unity ceremony.

It's never private, he tells the whole world 'bout me/I can't fight it, he's taking all the air I breathe/It's so perverse, so take no list of this hurtin'/I just wanna keep flirting cause I know that I deserve him

Day 29- A Song Reminiscent of Childhood

Slow Jam x Usher & Monica

I have no idea if there was ever a video made for this song. I do, however, VERY VIVIDLY remember Tamera Mowry and Deon Richmond dancing to this song on an episode of Sister, Sister. I thought it was so cute, and I loved everything about the scene. Today, this song would make for a great first dance for a couple at their wedding.

The magic in your eyes, made me realize/That everything I feel, has got to be real/And we danced and fell in love on a slow jam

Day 30- A Song Reminiscent of You!

I Heart You x Toni Braxton

Beginning with a strong orchestral feel, I Heart You became a #1 dance track for Toni Braxton in 2012. Part dance, part love story, 100% Toni Michelle= A wedding banger! Perfect for your introduction into your reception.

Darlin if you look at me/You would see how good it could be you can't deny it/Damn I know it's strong/The way you turn me on/It's just ooh ooh oooh
What am I gonna do/I love you, ooh I love you

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