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20 Things That Are Colder Than You Right Now

Perspective, perspective, perspective.

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1. This dog who can't even handle it

2. This cold, cold denial


3. This penguin who missed the memo

4. The heart of George R. R. Martin


5. And while we're on the subjet- Jon Snow

HBO / Via

6. This ice that tricked a little girl into thinking it was her friend

7. This epic dis

8. This fox who just realized he made a terrible mistake

9....and this guy who tried to imitate him

10. The girl that left her hanging

11. This dog who wishes he was a groundhog so he could make every day winter

12. This...


13. Jack

14. But more importantly... Rose

So. much. room.

So. much. room.

15. The least happy hug that ever was

16. This pug who got a little in over his head

17. This baby experiencing cold water for the first time

18. This guy who knows how to take advantage of a situation

19. ... and this kitten who should be chillin' next to him

20. And finally, every single person in the movie Frozen.

Disney / Via

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