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16 Signs You Are The Opie Winston Of Your Friend Group

Nobody blows up s**t better than Opie.

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1. You know how to have a good time, even in dire circumstances.

2. You're never showy but your presence is always noticed.

3. You serve as your friend group's moral compass.

4. Your hugs are second to none.

5. You can get pretty philosophical.

6. Nobody, and I mean nobody, tries to hurt the people you love and gets away with it.

7. It's not hard to amuse yourself.

8. You're all about shattering stereotypes.

9. And you'll never stand for a friend's cop out.

10. You're the definition of loyal. Friends don't abandon friends when they're needed most.

11. You've experienced your share of loss and that sadness motivates you.

12. When a friend needs something, they know you're the one who will always get the job done.

13. Even if it means making great sacrifices.

14. Because you have a big heart.

15. So maybe you're not the funnest one or the craziest one.

16. But your friends feel lucky every day to have you on their side.

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