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    45 Reasons Charlie Hunnam Is A God Among Men

    Step aside peasants. It's like Brad Pitt got tough and British.

    1. Let me just start out by reminding you that this photo exists.

    2. I apologize if you're already having trouble functioning.

    3. You may know him as 'Sons Of Anarchy's' Jax Teller.

    4. A man who FEELS things.

    5. I can't. I just. I can't even. This man should not feel pain.

    6. Jax Teller: a character responsible for libido spikes all across America.

    7. His facial hair deserves awards.

    8. As do his luxurious blonde locks.

    9. That is how he touches other hair, even though it is clearly inferior to his.

    10. No one does serious like Charlie.

    11. Sorry this made me faint. I'm not even sure what day it is.

    12. You can see why '50 Shades Of Grey' wanted him.

    13. But then he did an awesome drop the mic and said no way to doing that stupid movie.

    14. Man's face says it all.

    15. And let's not forget his adorable stint on 'Queer As Folk.'

    16. I mean just let this all sink in for a moment.

    17. HEY GURL!

    18. On a more serious note, he's taken numerous roles that defend gay rights and that's awesome.

    19. And he totally carried this weird movie I watched on Netflix starring Liv Tyler and Patrick Wilson. He plays a staunch gay rights advocate.

    20. This man loves taking his clothes off.


    22. I feel like I got pregnant from googling him.

    23. I don't even know anymore.

    24. What I would give to be that lamp right now.

    25. I will sell an organ on the black market if it means I can meet him.

    26. His ability to wear a suit is second to none.

    27. XKCskvjdkvjsdkgjiosdgsov

    28. Though this ensemble might be preferable.

    29. This man makes me believe in marriage.

    30. How do I get in that car?!

    31. He will always protect you.

    32. And, I mean, just the THOUGHT of him on a motorcycle...

    33. That's him holding a baby. I am not legally responsible for what happens to you after you take a look.

    34. This is him being breathtaking in prison.

    35. I would commit a crime to share a cell with him.

    36. (sings Bonnie Raitt's 'I Can't Make You Love Me' to self)

    37. Ugh, and just the way he says 'babe.'

    38. I'm starting to feel like the internet is trying to kill me...


    40. Oh to be that makeup sponge thing.

    41. See, someone else understands. We're not alone.

    42. He's such a lovely gentleman to his fans.

    43. No but seriously, he's an amazing actor.

    44. And a super sweet dude.

    45. All hail the Prince of Charming.