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38 Times Amy Poehler Was Your Spirit Animal


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1. Sometimes you have to accept someone's D game aka weird old dudes hitting on you at a lunch function.

2. You know exactly when to not give a shit.

3. Deep down, you just want pizza. Like, always. Diets are terrifying.

4. You know where your real loyalties lie.

5. You're not too proud to admit that your hangover might end you.

6. You know how to have a good time.

7. You're on to everyone. Well, sort of.

8. Your love sonnets are beyond eloquent.

9. You get the essentials for an amazing evening.

10. You have friends in high places.

11. You simply GET justice.

12. You're not afraid to be the feminist gals need.

13. You never let your friends feel neglected or forgotten.

14. Oh, your feelings about your favorite bar.

15. You've never been one to settle.

16. You have the goddamn best taste in friends.

17. You, too, understand that eating something other than PopTarts is alarming.

18. You have the confidence every gal needs.

19. Sometimes your face just says it all.

20. Style icon, that's what you are!

21. You can be a demanding friend, but everyone knows it's worth it.

22. You are a master at hiding your true feelings.

23. You will go above and beyond to see your friends happy.

24. You're so eloquent that Emily Dickinson is embarrassed.

25. You might be a little behind the times but that's just fine!

26. You have your food priorities locked down.

27. Sometimes you get a little existential after a night of drinking...

28. You know how you need to dress for important events.

29. You know your target audience.

30. You understand what it means to be a true artist.

31. You are, obviously, the most eloquent drunk ever.

32. You know what matters when it comes to television.

33. When angry, you just have this mesmerizing way with words.

34. You never fail to put your lady friends first.

35. You often lament the limitations of being straight.

36. You know a motivational tune when you hear one.

37. It's OK. No one is mad. But god do you drink too much sometimes.

38. So here's to you, Amy Poehler, a Pawnee goddess among men.

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