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23 Reasons Opie Is The True Dreamboat Of Sons Of Anarchy

Our sweet, tragic prince of justice and facial hair.

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1. First of all, THAT FACE. It's some majestic combination of teddy bear and biker.

2. Don't lie, you would do all sorts of jail worthy things to bury your face in that beard.

3. Ugh, sorry I need a glass of water.

4. What a beautiful, tortured soul.

5. I just want to watch him light cigarettes all day.

6. That hug. I want hugs.

7. What? Wait. Oh that's Opie thinking about giving you a back massage?

8. He's fighting the tyranny of shirts.

9. He is the most loyal of the sons. Opie <3 Piney 4eva.

10. The love for Donna. The guilt about Donna. I may be crying right now...

11. Man can wear a hat!

12. Now go somewhere you can be alone and imagine him saying this to you.

13. The lady will take two tickets to the gun show!

14. The combination of Opie and a puppy makes the world feel safe and warm and generous.

15. And that's him with a goddamn kitten. You're welcome anyone with eyes and feelings.

16. Opie knows how to lighten the mood of a hostage situation.

17. Ope has the strong moral compass the MC needs.

18. Sorry I lost my ability to speak or think.

19. He cares about all of us.


21. Move over Socrates.

22. Opie makes the ultimate sacrifice because he has learned the hard way that self-preservation gets in the way of love.

23. So thank you, Opie, for teaching our cold, black hearts to love.

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